ADT Security Cameras Protect Your Home

ADT Security Cameras

Protect yourself, your home and family with ADT Security Cameras.

Sure you may do your best to keep your family and home secure, but you can not keep an eye on them every second of the day. ADT Security Cameras allow you to watch over your house and the people you care about, even when you are away from them. With ADT you can have a peace of mind knowing that there are cameras placed in strategically important places, monitoring your home both inside and out. ADT system security cameras even allow you to see who is at your door before you open it.

ADT-installed cameras allow you to watch and record any room on a dedicated monitor or connected TV. While on vacation or at work, you can watch over your house by using an Internet-enabled computer, smartphone or a tablet. The remote watch feature allows you to view your home on the Internet from anywhere on the globe with secure, password-protected access. The video feeds and images are encrypted the same as online banking systems, so that you don’t have to worry about your feeds being monitored by others.

Live Video Feed

ADT security cameras allow you to get a live video feed from your home 24/7, which you can check any time from any Internet capable device. You can keep a check on your house while on vacation, at work or even from a second home. The applications of this smart security system are up to you and however you choose to utilize it.

The video system can also be useful in other ways, besides security. If you are a parent, then you can relax knowing your teenagers have come home safely from school or a party. While away from home, you can also monitor your teenagers’ activities and know when they have a party.

What if you are a mom and doing chores around the house? Well, that is not a problem, since the secure monitoring system allows you to watch your baby’s room, as you continue with your household routine.

You can also use the surveillance equipment to check on your pets and ensure that they are not getting into mischief or even to watch that your housekeeper does what you pay them for.

Instant Reaction

As soon as the alarm system is triggered, you will receive an email alert. You then have the option to log in and monitor your video feeds to determine if you wish to cancel the alarm. In the meantime, ADT security has already begun their job and contacted local authorities.

Another beauty of this system is that after being set off, it can record up to 30 seconds of every triggered event. You can also have the system programmed to save up to 30 active days with a DVR. ADT uses the most efficient and advanced alarm systems and equipment. Therefore, you’ll get a fast response even if there is a slight disturbance in your house.


The ADT security systems are affordable and you can choose from several packages to find the perfect fit for you. ADT is so sure they can provide the perfect security package, they have a money-back guarantee, meaning that they will give you your money back if they can not live up to your expectations, within the first 6 months of installation.

Their expert staff will try their best to satisfy any issues that you may have with their service or equipment. ADT also offers a relocation discount in case you want to move your security system to another house or to your place of business. Along with the theft protection guarantee ADT also gives you a Homeowner Insurance Discount Certificate.

The certificate gives you a good chance of saving around 20 percent on your home insurance payments. ADT keeps offering special packages and discounts for both its old and new customers. Usually, there are several packages and offers made for those who have been using ADT systems for two years or more, but there are many advantages of being a new customer too.

After having an ADT security system installed in your home, you will feel relaxed and will be able to focus completely on your work and won’t have to worry about your kids or house. It will give you peace of mind knowing that no burglar can break in without being caught. With the ADT security cameras installed in your home you can also check whether you left your documents on the kitchen breakfast table while you are in the cab on the way to work.

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