ADT Reviews: The Good and Bad

ADT Reviews

Think some ADT reviews will help you make a more informed home security buying decision? When mentioning home security systems, ADT is one of the first companies that comes to mind for people all across the nation, and with good reason. Any company that has been around for over a hundred years must be doing something right. They have the history, the knowledge, and the drive to continue being one of the top security companies around. Whether you’re away from home a lot or simply want the added comfort of knowing your home is protected, ADT offers a wide array of services to suit any home.

Features with ADT Security Systems

ADT doesn’t just offer basic home security anymore. The days of wrestling with your control panel to punch in codes in order to activate or deactivate your house alarm are gone. Now, nearly everything can be done from your tablet, smartphone, or computer, whether you’re home or not. Getting cameras installed? You can access your camera feed remotely, too!

We aren’t just looking at protection from break-ins anymore. ADT also offers a variety of services to protect your home from floods, fires, and even carbon monoxide leaks. Many newer features are huge money-savers, too, such as the ability to program your house lights and many appliances to shut off at a programmed time to ensure electricity is are not being used when it’s not needed. During the hot summer months, this can be vital to keeping those insane air conditioning bills down.

Pricing is determined by the number of sensors placed in your home. Obviously, cameras are going to cost extra, as well. Monthly fees can, unfortunately, start to add up as remote monitoring through Internet or mobile phone is an added charge. The fact you can have an ADT sales person come to your home to go over your options with you at no cost is not too shabby, however. It never hurts to see what can be done to help protect your home.

With other features such as a panic button, and text message notifications when someone enters or leaves your home, ADT has a little something for everyone.

The Good ADT Reviews

A search online will show you thousands of satisfied customers. Not only do they highly praise ADT’s selection of services and features, but they feel they’re getting good bang for their buck. While they have a monthly fee to keep their home protected, the peace of mind they get from knowing their possessions and family are safe, and their electricity and utilities not being overused when they aren’t needed, is well worth the cost, according to most reviewers.

Additionally, many review sites have elderly customers singing their praises. Many point out that at an older age, sometimes learning the ins and outs of new technology can be a huge challenge. ADT has created a central display panel that even those who are unfamiliar with such technology will have an easy time learning how to use. Not to mention that ADT’s bracelet and necklace panic buttons have saved countless lives, enabling someone who might slip and fall, and be unable to get back up, to call for help with the push of a button.

The carbon monoxide monitoring is also a popular feature, and is one that many other home security systems don’t seem to offer. More than one customer has left reviews for ADT claiming they went to them first just for this feature alone.

The Bad ADT Reviews

Not every company is perfect, and ADT is no different. The Consumer Affairs website has a common theme for issues with ADT, largely revolving around contracts. Many customers claim to have never been informed of having a 3-year contract, complete with cancellation fees should they choose to end their service early.

Others were specifically told they could cancel at any time, only to be hit with fees when that time came. If you decide to give ADT a try, be absolutely sure of what you’re getting into and the terms of the papers you’re putting your signature on.

In the same vein of dealing with contracts, many customers express their displeasure in dealing with ADT’s customer service. While the sales team seem to be nice (and they should be, considering they’re trying to sell you something), the customer service crew has a variety of complaints against them in regard to rudeness and a lack of helpfulness.

Lastly, and perhaps most worrisome, is the number of complaints on the Consumer Affairs website stating they were not receiving responses to their alarms due to problems with the connection and wiring between their home and ADT’s control center. Considering the whole point of a home security system is to protect, the idea that the system can stop working without any notification is both problematic and unsettling.

ADT has been a brand name company that people recognize for years, and with its progressive stance on technology and keeping up to date, that isn’t likely to change. Do the positive reviews outweigh the negative? With any company, weighing the pros and cons is important. But if you’re in the market for a home security system, it’s hard to go wrong with a company so many people love.