ADT Home Security in Age of Uncertainty

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We live in an age of uncertainty where, for all our advancements and cautions, bad things still happen to loved ones. It’s not unrealistic to expect that we or another someone we care about might suffer from a break-in, a house fire or a sudden medical emergency. At moments like these, everyone can use help even better yet if that help prevents such occurrences. ADT Home security is about more than preventing burglaries; it can encompass a variety of concerns and speedy assistance to your home when you need it most. ADT home security offers a multitude of solutions and options to keep your precious people and belongings safe.

A Cornucopia of Coverage

If you think about it, you could list some very real and frightening possibilities that homeowners or renters have to face every day. The news continues to relay terrifying stories of home invasions, stolen or damaged property and lives being endangered. After such a personal violation it’s often difficult to feel comfortable in your home again, a place that should be a sanctuary. It is also one of the easiest events to guard against. ADT offers state-of-the-art security systems to cover every angle, doorway and window of a home inside or out. This includes garage doors and motion detectors to monitor windows. Hundreds of ADT customers have received immediate response and police intervention to their security alerts.

ADT goes above and beyond burglary prevention, adding features such as smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection and a medical alarm system.

Smoke Detection

Signal response to any of ADT’s system features is immediate and when fire or smoke is the culprit that promptness can be a lifesaver. Once an alarm is triggered the ADT Monitoring Center receives the signal and the local fire department is instantly notified to speed its way to the home. This is a powerful feature that does not depend on you to get to a phone before 9-1-1 can be called and alerted.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

It may not seem like an important concern, but the leakage of natural gas or carbon monoxide inside a home can be a life or death situation — especially if it occurs while the inhabitants are sleeping. These gases can build quickly to lethal levels and overwhelm the sleepers with much less alarm than fire or smoke. Invisible and difficult to detect until it is too late, ADT uses specialized sensors that not only alerts you but simultaneously transmits a signal to the Customer Monitoring Center who immediately send authorities to help. Waking or sleeping, ADT has you covered.

Medical Alarm System

Smart and unobtrusive, the Medical Alarm System or Companion Service is an especially intelligent feature for those who wish to live independently, but may require extra help due to injury or fall. It is excellent for an older generation who lives alone and wishes to remain as autonomous as possible, yet desires added security. It includes two-way conference calls with an ADT trained professional or, if you cannot reach the phone or base-station, assistance is immediately dispatched to your home. A push of a button on a waterproof pendant or bracelet sends help to you so a slip in the tub or any other problems can be dealt with instantly.

Additional Features

ADT boasts some extra features of interest too, such as flood and temperature monitoring and a panic button system. If you live in an area where flooding is a concern then this is an excellent measure against water damage. The temperature monitoring will also detect significant drops or raises in internal home temperature and alert the Customer Monitoring System who will alert you, the homeowner. Simultaneously, the proper authorities will be notified and dispatched to assist.

The panic buttons are remote devices built on the alarm panels. This is an additional preventative measure that does not rely on waiting for a motion sensor to pick up movement or a breaking window before an alarm sounds (depending on your chosen package). You can control the switch to send an alert to ADT, who will then dispatch the appropriate emergency response service to your home.

You do not have to be at home to receive alerts; ADT will call you at work or on your cell phone to inform you of any alarms or situations. If you miss the call they will immediately take action with the necessary service dispatch. Just the sound of home security alarms can often be enough to chase off burglars, but the swarm of police vehicles will keep them away and your property safe until you can arrive home. This protects not only belongings, but children or pets who may be waiting in the house.

Added Benefits of ADT Home Security

With ADT home security, you gain peace of mind, but there are other benefits to your security choice:

  • Some Home Owners Insurance companies offer up to a 20-percent discount for having a security system installed.
  • ADT provides the most advanced equipment and protection at all times, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • ADT will pay up to $500 in insurance deductible, if your home is burglarized while your security system is armed.
  • If you are not completely satisfied within six months, ADT will refund all monitoring fees and system installation costs, hassle-free.
  • Monthly fees are low with the average protection costing about a dollar a day.
  • ADT offers 140 years of an excellent track record.

ADT home security is an economical choice for the safety of loved ones, pets and property. With a variety of packages available to fit every budget, you cannot afford to be without a security system. Since 1874, ADT has provided immediate security responses. With an emphasis on immediate signal reception and assistance dispatch, you know you have the coverage you need today, tomorrow and beyond.