ADT, Brinks Home Security and Other Options

Brinks Home Security

Prior to 2009, Brinks Home Security was one of the most trusted providers of Home Security systems in the United States. Under a rebranding scheme, Brink’s changed the name of its Home Security services to “Broadview” in order to differentiate it from Brink’s armored car and other security services. But what started as a new beginning for the company, turned into the beginning of the end. In 2010 Brink’s/Broadview was taken over by ADT Security.

What Happened to the Trusted Brinks Name?

Brinks Home Security had one of the best names in the industry for over 25 years, winning many Consumer Digest awards for its services and price points. Brink’s mainstay offering was in corporate and armored vehicle security, so hence the rebranding effort to differentiate its Home Security services under the Broadview name.

Tax and legal issues also played a part in the name change. Soon after the change of title, Tyco Holding Corporation purchased Broadview, and then in 2010 ADT security bought the former Brink’s Home Security for about $2 billion. All of Brink’s/Broadview customers on a contract were thereafter customers of ADT.

The Good and the Bad of ADT

ADT, Brinks Home SecurityWhile Brinks was known for great customer service and value for money, former customers started to notice a difference once the company changed hands. ADT has a reputation for less emphasis on customer support, so even though the company is one of the country’s oldest, there are some drawbacks as well.

ADT offers a wide range of Home Security Services, so former Brinks customers should investigate fully before deciding to extend usage. From Home Security to flood protection, carbon monoxide monitoring, necklace and bracelet panic buttons, there is a lot more to offer than Brinks Home Security had when they were in service. Prices are mid-market range, starting at just under $36 per month, and salespeople are reportedly friendly and helpful — they are trying to sell something after all.

On the flipside, customer service has a lackluster reputation and according to The Consumer Affairs Website, there are common complaints about ADT to do with misrepresentation of contractual agreements, namely customers claim not to have been informed about the 3 year duration of the contract, with cancellation fees if they chose to cut this service short. Also, and perhaps more worrying, ADT has bad reviews when it comes to alarm responses – it seems that wiring faults have resulted in connection issues and therefore non-responsive services.

Options for Former Brinks Home Security Customers

Before Brinks “disappeared,” it was the major competition for ADT, so now that it’s gone, rather than ADT enjoying a monopoly, a new crop of companies has risen to the challenge. Yes, ADT may be the oldest in the country, and have some very good features, but there are other options out there for former Brinks Home Security customers.

FrontPoint Security is a relatively new company on the Home Security front, claiming to offer the latest technology, with well-received customer service and competitive pricing. They use GE Security products, and have fully wireless security options. Their services start at just under $35 per month.

Protect America has been around since the 1990s and have a pretty good reputation for service and quality. Their biggest distinction is that they don’t charge for installation or hardware costs. Instead, these roll into monthly subscription costs, which are fairly economical at a base cost of just under $20 per month.

LifeShield Security is a relative newcomer in the Home Security field, and caters to a ‘mobile lifestyle’ with mobile security applications and online controls of Security Systems. Their response times are fast, and their technology state-of-the-art. LifeShield plans start at just below $40 per month.

Vivint Security is another newcomer, differentiating themselves on the market with a wholly wireless set of equipment, and all cellular monitoring. Vivint also offers energy saving features and medicine and gun cabinet alarms. Their plans start from just under $50 per month.

Because Home Security is such an important part of keeping your family and property safe, it behooves any of Brinks Home Security’s former customers to do their research before deciding on where they will shift their security services.

Photo Credit: A Quiet World