ADT Alarm Systems Offers Many Options

ADT Alarm Systems

ADT Alarm Systems is one of the world’s largest providers of peace of mind through home security systems. According to recent crime statistics compiled by the United States Department of Justice, there were over 17 million property crimes in 2011, including car thefts and home burglaries. With an ADT alarm system, you run less of a risk of being another statistic. Systems from ADT run the gamut from simple systems that make noise when an unauthorized entry is detected, to a cutting edge system that will protect your family from fire and carbon monoxide, as well as unauthorized entry. Let’s take a look at some of the options they give you.

Who Is ADT Alarm?

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ADT started life in 1874 as a telegraph company, taking the name American District Telegraph Company in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1890, their beginnings as a security and protection company began with their involvement in Call Box technologies, allowing police officers and watchmen to send for needed help in emergencies. Ever since, they’ve been dedicated to giving their customers the best service that the available technology can deliver.

Your Protection/Access Control Options

The most basic of ADT alarm systems is going to have magnetic reed switches installed in doors and door frames on lower level exterior doors. You’re also going to have similar switches in windows and window frames, but you’ll also normally have the added benefit of having a second magnet installed to allow you to open these windows about four inches for ventilation purposes. For larger interior areas, you’ll be protected by sensors that detect human-sized bodies moving through their fields of protection.

For those desiring added protection, ADT can add video monitoring of children’s rooms, as well as access routes to your house and property. To protect against someone breaking a window to gain access, you can have glass breakage sensors installed. These are especially helpful in rooms where access to the inside of the window frames is either limited or very difficult. Added protection for windows on ground floors can be had by installing ground pressure pads. These look like rubberized “Welcome” mats, but have small reed switches inside that respond to the weight of a large body and activate the alarm system.

ADT Pulse-Home Automation from Your Mobile Device

The first alarm system I can remember was installed at my mom and dad’s house. It took a specially shaped round key to turn the system on and off from outside the house. Today, you aren’t likely to see anything of the sort. You’re going to see smart keys, keypads, and now, remote access to a variety of home automation functions from your smartphone or mobile device.

ADT Pulse allows you to arm and disarm your system remotely. As an added feature, you can also use the system’s climate and lighting control features, again, from your smartphone or mobile device. It’ll even let you program lighting and thermostatic controls that are system-connected. If you choose a package that comes with video monitoring, you can also view the video feeds remotely.

This system comes with an interactive touch-screen controller that can be set to access your Flickr account, so when it isn’t actively being used, it can be used as a digital picture frame, making it easy to access, yet very inconspicuous. The touch-screen device gives you complete control over all system functions, as well as checking up-to-the-minute traffic, news, and weather reports.

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Most ADT alarm systems include routine vehicle patrols. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Images by Something Original

The security functions of the ADT Pulse system almost seem anticlimactic after all of that. However, the Pulse system also offers peace of mind, with full 24/7 monitoring by a staff of trained professionals. Additionally, the system will monitor your home’s environment for fire and carbon monoxide emergencies, alerting you and the authorities in the event that either are detected. Additionally, your Pulse system will monitor your house and alert you in the event of water leaks being detected. The ADT Pulse system starts at $99. And remember, after having the system installed, you may qualify for discounts of up to 20 percent on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Own a Business? ADT Can Protect That, Too!

ADT doesn’t stop at just protecting your home and family. If you own a business, big or small, an ADT alarm system can be designed to protect it, as well. You’ll get all the same features as a home system, plus, if you want, electronic access control. Tired of a pocketful of keys? Put them away and have an ADT electronic access control system installed. You’ll still get the same award-winning, 24/7 monitoring and response services of ADT home security customers. Forget to turn off one of the lights in your office? No problem. Use your smartphone to turn it off.

ADT Alarm Systems has been providing leading edge technology for almost 150 years. With that kind of longevity, you know they’re doing something right.