Sharing Insights, Tools with WebCongress

Webcongress Miami SEO Tools

Acceller — the company behind Digital Landing — recently spoke at the first annual WebCongress conference in Miami, hosted at the University of Miami Business School. We were pleased to attend and share some of our insight with many of the marketers, agencies, students and the many local entrepreneurs in attendance. In the talk, I shared some practical lessons we’ve learned in marketing online to US Hispanic consumers. I have received several requests for the information we covered during the presentation, so I created the list below for those that are interested and want to dive deeper into the topic.

Note that most of these resources are not specific to Hispanic marketing, and are useful to online and consumer marketers in general!

Blogs & Books to Read

1. Marketing in the Age of Google, Revised and Updated: Your Online Strategy IS Your Business Strategy
– This is a fantastic read about tapping into Google search to better understand customer behavior.

2. Occam’s Razor – Avinash is a data and analytics superhero! His blog posts are thoughtful and thorough, and written for a broad audience. It’s a must read!

3. Bryan Eisenberg – Bryan is a long-time friend of Acceller, and his books like “Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?: Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing” are great examples of his unique insights into consumer behavior.

Search Insight Tools

1. Google Trends – This tool recently merged with the Insights for Search tool. You can use it to look at specific country search terms and trends, and apply those to the demographic you are targeting in the U.S.

2. SEMRush – Great place to start looking for ideas about what search terms are driving to other relevant sites in your industry.

3. Global Market Finder – A useful tool to find translated keyword ideas for specific regions.

Conversion and User Experience


1. Crazy Egg – A very easy way to visualize behavior on your site. Try the segmenting feature that lets you isolate the source of traffic and quickly see how that segment behaves. You’ll immediately learn something valuable about your site.

2. Call Tracking – For those that have a call center component, try some of the call tracking tools that can help you understand what is driving the calls to your center.

3. SnapEngage – An easy-to-use chat tool you can plug into your site. Spend a few minutes chatting with your customers.

User Testing

1. Five-Second Test – Are you not sure about how your visual design is working? Load it to this site to see what catches your user’s attention, and what doesn’t.

2. – A great way to have real people test your site or app or ecommerce application, and give you detailed feedback. It’s cheap and quick.

 We’ll be posting more industry insight in this blog, so check back frequently for updates! In the meantime, you can reach me directly at