A Fast Phone Charger That Charges Mobile Devices Twice as Fast


Your current fast phone charger is now obsolete and slow. Nothing is worse than finding out less than an hour before you have to go somewhere that your phone’s battery is dead. How will you stay in touch until you get somewhere you can charge the battery? What if the charger you have now doesn’t give it enough charge? ChargeTech eliminates these worries and it’s small enough to fit in a pocket.

The World’s Smallest Mobile Device Charger

When I first saw a picture of the new ChargeTech by ChargeAll I thought it was an automotive relay. I had to look close to see that it wasn’t. This new fast phone charger from ChargeAll is about the size of a three-prong to two-prong adapter. It measures a scant 1.2 by 1.4 inches, not counting the prongs for the outlet. Toss it in your backpack. Drop it in your pants pocket. Zip into one of the pockets in your purse. It’s small enough to carry just about anywhere.

This Fast Phone Charger Can Charge Two Devices Directly

The ChargeTech mobile device charger has two USB ports on it. Combined these two ports can put out Amps. With this charge rate, you can charge most phones completely in about an hour. You can plug two devices in and charge them both completely in about the same time it would take to charge one device. For those with a plethora of devices that can charge off a USB port, a USB plugged in to one port can allow you to slow charge several devices at once, or just provide enough current to power up the devices once fully charged.

ChargeAll’s designers took their time and tried to think of every issue and angle when they made the ChargeTech charger. The prongs that fit into the outlet fold out of the way and have a detent that keeps them folded. The charger body is designed to fit even in tightly-packed power strips with a beveled lower edge.

Batteries of Today Are Able to Charge Faster Than Before

Batteries can only safely charge at a certain rate before they begin to suffer damage and start deteriorating. Not too long ago the max charge rate that batteries could take was pretty low, so it took them quite a while to fully charge. I think my first phone took overnight to fully charge. Now a regular charger will charge most phones from absolutely dead to fully-charged in about three to four hours, while “speed chargers” will do it in about two.

This two hour fully charge capability is based upon a charger supplying a little less than half the current that today’s modern batteries can handle. For example, the charger that ships with the new iPhones supplies only a single amp for charging. ChargeTech supplies 2.4amps, almost two and half times what the stock charger supplies. This means that charging your iPhone from dead takes less than half the stock charger requires. The 2,4 Amp charge rate means that it’s also ideal for charging iPads and Galaxy tablets.

Not all devices have batteries that can handle a 2.4 Amp charge rate. ChargeTech comes with circuitry that identifies the type of device that has been plugged into it and adjusts the charge rate accordingly. This way you get the fastest charge possible without damaging you device

Where to Get the ChargeTech Fast Phone Charger

The ChargeTech charger is a big value in a small package with an even smaller price. Twenty bucks will put one in your pocket and $35 will give you two. Better yet, refer a friend to their Indiegogo campaign page and you’ll earn a free ChargeTech charger, You can choose from the wall charger or a similarly-sized and spec’d car charger.

ChargeAll Makes Other Nifty Portable Power Devices

The team of engineers and designers over at ChargeAll have come out with a few nifty devices to make our mobile lives easier. For example, they’ve let you get around the issue of no power outlets with their ChargeAll Portable Power outlet with enough power to charge laptops and power hair dryers.