A Closer Look at the GE Alarm System

A Closer Look at the GE Alarm System

The GE alarm system, the GE Interlogix Simon series, is a convenient home security system that will add a whole new level of safety and convenience to your life. In keeping with the cutting edge, the Simon series technology gives you added control options. The available security features are customizable to meet your individual needs.

The Interlogix Simon alarm system also adds life safety features to enhance your family’s safety. Some systems even add home automation features to bring fingertip control of certain compatible systems within reach.

Multiple Control Options for GE Alarm Systems

The main control panel for the GE Interlogix Simon home alarm system is an unobtrusive full color touchscreen LCD screen with interactive controls. This control panel gives you easy and intuitive control over all aspects of your system including video capture functions.

With the optional remote access feature, and mobile device with web access becomes a secondary controller for the system, even from on vacation halfway around the world. Certain features of the system can also be controlled by two remote keyfobs. Finally, service people and guests can be given access to house through the keypads on the connected exterior door locks.

Basic Simon XT System – Start Small and Add What You Need

The Basic Simon XT system gets you up and running. You get the main control processor and an audio status feedback keypad. There is also a rechargable12 volt battery supplied to maintain protection in the case of main power loss. The main input power converting transformer can be placed wherever power is convenient.

The phone dialer connects to the house phone line using the supplied phone cable and can be programmed to report to a central monitoring station, call a cell or landline and leave a specific message, or call the authorities. Limited voice interaction is built in to the system. The optional line carrier transformer makes adding X10 sensors and modules a snap.

Customizable and Scalable Security Options to Meet Your Needs

Every house security systems needs at least three things:

  • A way to turn the system on and off
  • A way to detect unauthorized intrusions
  • A way to report alarm conditions

Every security system has at least these features, some have more. You may only need the bare minimum out of your GE alarm system, or you may need a safe room/panic room. For houses with multiple doors and windows that can be points of access to the house, contact switches and glass breakage detectors are needed. For large open areas, motion detectors might be required.

Access attempts can be detected before they are even made by using contact switches contained in large pads. The Simon XT main processor allows the monitoring of up to 40 zones. These zones can be configured as all wireless, or 38 wireless and two hard-wired sensors. A small sampling of the available sensors includes:

  • Wired and wireless outdoor motion detectors
  • Wired and wireless pet-immune indoor infrared motion detectors
  • Wireless glass breakage sensors
  • Wireless impact/vibration sensors
  • Wireless recessed and surface door and window switches

Interlogix Simon XT Adds Life Safety to Security

Life safety systems are those systems that monitor our environments for harmful conditions, either fire, smoke, or harmful gases. The GE Interlogix Simon XT can be further expanded to include these features. Wireless smoke detectors can be added to the system for fire and smoke detection.

The wireless carbon monoxide detector adds the ability to detect this silent killer before levels become harmful. For those that live in locations that experience extreme winter weather, the wireless freeze detector can help protect your pipes and water heaters. Wireless water sensors can detect even the smallest leaks before they become major issues.

Easily Add Home Automation and Control Features

With this GE alarm system, a separate home automation system isn’t required to give you control over basic home appliances, lights, and other devices. Make use of Z-Wave technology and you can have fingertip control over your home’s heating and cooling systems. Kwikset makes compatible combination door locks with keypads and wireless control, giving you the ability to track and control access to your house. Lighting and lamp modules allow you to remotely turn lights and several types of small home appliances on and off. Add motion sensing cameras, some with low light level capabilities, so you can see at a glance who it is knocking on your door during dinner or family time and have snapshots or live video sent to your smartphone or connected mobile device.