A Bluetooth Earpiece Makes Life Easier

Bluetooth Earpieces

A Bluetooth earpiece may be the only way you can talk on the phone in some places, or talk on the phone and drive your car at the same time. The technology behind Bluetooth originated in the ’90s and in terms of headsets, replaced the older, wired headsets that can be inconvenient and bulky.

What are Bluetooth Earpieces?

The Bluetooth technology itself was invented to connect a variety of devices, such as cell phones to computers, headphones to computers and stereos, et cetera. A Bluetooth earpiece is a cell phone device implementing a short-range radio frequency technology called frequency-hopping spread spectrum to connect a wireless earpiece securely (supposedly) to your phone to make and accept calls.

Some earpieces can connect to as many as seven devices. These earpieces are designed to use little power in order to preserve battery power, and to take the place of wired headsets which often became tangled or had poor sound quality.

What kinds of Bluetooth Earpieces are there?

iPhone Bluetooth Earpieces
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

What people typically think of when they hear Bluetooth earpiece is the standard mono headset, which hooks over one ear with an ear bud and built-in speaker. There are more professional designs, aimed at corporate employees with a need for long battery life, professional appearance, and higher-quality audio in order to conduct business calls while traveling. More compact models are aimed at your everyday user and are designed to be small and unobtrusive. However, there are also stereo headsets, which have the general look and feel of regular headphones and usually cover both ears.

Also, although not an earpiece, there are Bluetooth speakers that can be used for either your home stereo, or for use in your car to connect to your cell phone in the same way an earpiece would. The speaker projects your phone’s sound — be it a phone call or even music — the same way your car speakers would, and enables you to talk back in a conversation without the need for an earpiece tagging along.

Where Do I Start?

The cost of a Bluetooth earpiece can vary greatly. You can find them as cheap at $5.99 and as expensive as $150 for higher-end brands and models. It’s important to do your research and invest your money wisely. Some brands simply aren’t going to hold up as well, and it might be worth it to splurge on a more costly earpiece that will last.

Higher-end models will have clearer sound and be more comfortable to wear — especially for long periods of time — and have significantly longer battery life. They also tend to have a wider range of devices that they’ll work with, and a longer range.

What Extra Features Can I Find?

Something else to think about, if you’re looking into purchasing a Bluetooth earpiece, is the other handy features some models can boast about. Think about what you’ll primarily be using your earpiece for. Some models are specifically designed for noise cancellation, which is handy to have if you often place calls from noisy environments like construction sites, busy offices, or public places with lots of traffic.

One of my favorite features, though, is the hands-free voice commands. These features enable you to speak into the earpiece and tell it what you want to do, such as call a certain person in your contacts list. This makes your cell phone completely hands-free in the car. No texting, no having to stop to dial, which is the entire point of these devices.

Better yet, the newer and better technology even enables a singular Bluetooth earpiece to connect to multiple devices, such as two cell phones, at once, and allows you to give voice commands to take, reject, or make calls on both devices without having to disconnect or tweak any settings.

Are they Worth the Money?

The technology behind Bluetooth is constantly growing and evolving. They used to be clunky and rather difficult to use when they first came out because their connections weren’t always the best. I had to fight with my first earpiece constantly to get my phone to recognize it, and the battery gave out quickly.

But that was then, and this is now. The technology has vastly improved. These days, if you’re someone who needs to make those calls when you’re out and about, a Bluetooth earpiece is almost necessary. Convenience aside, these handy devices are a must-have for car safety to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road where they belong.