9 Best Streaming TV Shows You Can’t Watch on Cable


Are you searching for something great to stream, but can’t find anything? Curious about what are the best TV shows that you can’t watch on regular cable?

We have you covered with this list of the best streaming TV shows.

9 Best Streaming TV Shows

We provide you with an overview of these nine great shows, and let you know where you can stream them now!


House of Cards

This dark political drama stars Kevin Spacey as a cold-hearted, cynical congressman that’s out for revenge after being back-stabbed by the President of the United States. The first two seasons are available on Netflix now, with a third season scheduled to be released this February.

Orange in the New Black

It’s a big adjustment to go from being a rising PR executive to a convicted felon in prison, as Piper Chapman, and the shows viewers, find out. The show follows the travails of Chapman after she is sent to prison when a former relationship with a drug runner from her distant past comes to light. The first two seasons can be streamed now, with the third season expected to be released in the summer of 2015.


This modern day western and detective drama follows the travails of Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire. In the show, the sheriff struggles to come to terms with his wife’s death while solving various crimes in a rural Wyoming county. Longmire is aided in his quests by a large group of eccentric and lovable characters, including his best friend, Henry Standing Bear, and his daughter, Cady. The first three seasons of originally ran on the A&E Network before being canceled. After thousands of complaints and a strong social media campaign by fans, the show was picked up by Netflix. The first two seasons can be streamed on Netflix now, and a new fourth season is currently filming with an expected release of summer 2015 on Netflix.

Arrested Development - Netflix Shows

Arrested Development

This comedic family drama follows the exploits of a very wealthy California family as they try to keep their family business going after the father of the family and CEO of the firm is arrested by the SEC for fraud. Various family members struggle to deal with various legal and financial difficulties. Laughter ensues when their patriarch breaks out of prison and goes on the run. He uses several strategies to throw the authorities off his trail, including faking his death and traveling all over the world is various disguises.This show originally ran on the Fox network before it was canceled in 2006 and then picked up for new episodes in 2011 by Netflix. All four seasons can be streamed on Netflix, and plans are in the works at Netflix for a new fifth season, as well as a movie, with all the original actors expected to reprise their roles.

Dr. Who

Some might argue that this show should not have made our list, since it’s available from the BBC in some parts of the world. However, Netflix remains the only source for most American viewers to watch the show. There have been 12 time lords known as Dr. Who since the show began in 1963. If you are ready to explore the universe and watch as Dr. Who fights to save humanity, jump into the Tardis now by surfing over to Netflix where you can stream episodes from the original series in the 60s and 70s or watch all 9 seasons of the newer version of the show that were filmed from 2005-2013. Netflix even has many of the various movie spin offs that resulted from the original program as well.



Amazon Prime’s new detective show is based on the popular title character from Michael Connelly’s novels. The show features some significant departures from the novels, but if the show is half as good as the books, you can expect the show to become a household word. It begins streaming February 13th. The show opens with Detective Henry Bosch on trial for shooting a suspect in the very brutal, grisly murder of a young boy. The show features flashbacks between the trial and the past, and follows Bosch as he attempts to solve the crime. Did Bosch use reasonable force, or is he guilty of murder?

transparent - Best Streaming TV Shows


This comedy – drama is perhaps one of the most original on our list, as the plot is really unlike anything that is or has ever been on television before. The story’s main character, Morton/Maura Pfefferman, is played by actor Jeffrey Tambor. In the show, Pfefferman is a retired political science professor that has recently come out to his children and wife that he is transgender as he has always secretly felt more like a woman than a man. The show follows the family as they deal with this revelation and explores many timely social issues regarding gender identity and what it means to be a family.


East Los High - Best Streaming TV Shows

East Los High

This coming-of-age, teen drama follows the story of two Latino cousins, Jessie and Maya, as they navigate high school and try to deal with falling for the school’s football star, Jacob. The first two seasons can be streamed now, with a third season expected later in 2015.

The Wrong Mans

Co-produced with the BBC, this dark comedy follows the ups and downs of two ordinary guys, coworkers, who are drawn into a complex web if lies, deceit, conspiracy and murder after they answer a stranger’s ringing cell phone at the scene of an accident. The first two series are available now, with a third currently in production.

As you can see from our list, Netflix is perhaps the most well known of the streaming giants when it comes to producing original shows, as well as picking up canceled network TV shows and breathing new life into them. Amazon and Hulu, are however, beginning to catch up. What did you think of our list of the best streaming TV shows that you can’t watch on Cable TV? Let us know in the comments section below if we left out any of your favorites! Your feedback helps us to bring you the content that you want and need!