8 Great Security Apps: Protect Your Phone and Home


Ready to upgrade your security in the mobile world? Whether you are worried about malware on your Android or burglars stealing your valuables, your phone is a valuable new tool in the war against theft. Read on to find the best security apps to protect your digital data as well as your home.

4 Phone Security Apps

The subject of phone security is of growing concern to many smartphone users worried about malware invading their phones on dubious apps and stealing information. Malware apps are actually pretty rare, at least for the time being. However, they do exist: Some send secret text messages to create high messaging bills, while others steal text or contact information. These apps only infect a very small percentage of total phone users.

So, do you need security apps? This depends on what type of phone you use. Apple’s iPhone and iTunes model uses strict controls when publishing apps. If you have an iPhone, make sure your security setting limit how much information apps can access, and you should be good to go. The Android app model, however, is more complex and leaves more room for malware. So if you use the Android OS (on Samsung phones, among many others), you may want to opt for some mobile security, such as:

Lookout Mobile Security: Lookout has been a top name in Android phone security for several years. You get remote control and wiping features, firewalls, auditing systems, and antivirus software, all in one complete package. However, it is also one of the priciest options at $29.99 for the highest tier of service.

McAfee Mobile Security 2.0: McAfee’s app, much like Lookout, offers the complete package in mobile security for those who feel comfortable with McAfee products. The price is still around $30, but the app includes those McAfee alerts (if you like them) and cloud backup for all your data.

BitDefender: BitDefender is a less expensive option that simply offers basic antivirus protection while your phone is one. It is free for the simplest tier and only $9.99 for the most advanced version, making it ideal for casual security use. If you are already careful with your apps, this might be the best option.

NQ Mobile Vault: For $2 a month, you can customize privacy settings on your phone to hide any and all contact from snoopers. This is more hands-on security for real life threats instead of digital malware.

4 Home Security Apps

Thanks to home security automation, phones now play a key role in physical security, too. With the right security apps — well, usually the right combination of security tech and phone apps — you can have instant control over your home alarm system, lights, cameras, and much more. Here are a few useful apps to help you bring your home security into the modern age with minimal investment.

Canary: Canary, as the name suggests, is an all-in-one sensor designed to be an ideal security device for the modern home, especially if you live in a small place like an apartment it. It gives you a cylinder that looks a bit like a small humidifier, but is actually an HD camera, motion sensor, and sound sensor all in one. It can also send you information on temperature and air quality. The price is $149, which is a little steep but far less expensive than a full home security system.

iSentry: This little free app uses your web camera as a motion sensor, and alerts your phone when it is disturbed. Because it harnesses your web cam, it can also take pictures or send you video streaming to your phone so you can see what’s up if you were not expecting your home to be disturbed.

Dropcam: Dropcam is another $149 model that comes with an advanced camera. It lacks other sensors, but it adds sound features so you can use your phone to talk out of the Dropcam, useful for scaring burglars, confusing your dog, or warning family members. You can also share footage to help your friends keep an eye on your house.

Alarm.com App: This free app is more of an add-on than a full security app. If you already have a security system, it helps you connect that system to your phone and use all of its features remotely. The app is compatible with popular systems like ADT and Guardian.

Hopefully, these security apps are the answer to the peace of mind you’ve been looking for!