8 Great Free Mobile Phone Games

Cell Splat - Free Mobile Phone Games

Today, free mobile phone games have become great diversions that help us pass the time while we’re waiting around to do other things. Remember the days when you went to the doctor’s office and you waited with nothing interesting to do? Most of the time you just sat in the waiting room until your turn came, either reading outdated magazines, trying not to stare at the other people in the room, or just staring at weird stuff on the walls.

Fast forward to today — almost all of us have mobile phones. Fortunately, these devices have so many features on them that making a phone call is probably more of an afterthought. Mobile phones have become pocket entertainment centers. Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, you can listen to your favorite music, watch videos, check your email, or even play familiar games like Scrabble, Solitaire, Othello or Tetris. You almost look forward to waiting around for your appointments because it gives you guilt-free time to play your favorite mobile phone games.

Here are a few free mobile phone games that are great fun to play, some of which you may already know. Did I mention they’re all free!?!

Great Free Mobile Phone Games

Dactyl - Free Mobile Phone gamesDactyl

Dactyl is a ferociously addictive game, even though there’s not much depth to it. The style is similar to Whack-A-Mole, with the only goal being to tap on the red bombs to keep them from blowing up. What makes the game addictive is that the red bombs start piling up fast, making you focus hard to keep the game going.

Matching With Friends Free

Matching With Friends - Free Mobile Phone GamesThis is Zynga’s newest addition to their “With Friends” series of mobile phone games. The object of the game is to match colored blocks on the board with other blocks that share the same color. Though the concept is very simple, there really is strategy and depth to this game. After you get a handle on the matching strategies and how the different types of bombs work, you can really get some pretty high scores. What really makes the game so addictive is the way the game tallies scores, with exploding blocks, rhythmic chiming and even cheers for chain and color bonuses — it keeps you coming back for more game-play.

Cell Splat - Free mobile phone gamesCell Splat

Now this game really requires focus. Cell Splat will definitely test your reflexes and limits of concentration. It’s really just a simple matching game in that you are given a target shape or color. The hook is that you have to race the clock by tapping all matching colored shapes in the well before the game is over. This game has a kind of “goofy” cool look, but it’s deceptively fun and addictive. Best of all, it’s free.


Drop7 - Free Mobile Phone GamesZynga scores again with Drop 7! You score by dropping numbered tokens into a grid. When the number of tokens in a row or column matches the actual numbers indicated on the tokens themselves they explode. You will drive yourself crazy by trying to get higher scores with chaining strategies!

Draw Something Free

Draw Something Free - Free Mobile Phone GamesNow, I do love this game and even though it says, “No drawing skills required!,” you will definitely wish you had a little drawing skill. The goal of the game is to draw an image, send it to a friend and have him guess the object of the image. You are given three options: Easy, medium or hard. Imagine trying to draw “Beyonce!” (That’s an actual suggestion!) Even though your are sometimes left scratching your head trying to figure out the drawings, it’s a fun game and should be part of your game inventory.


Swiped - Free Mobile Phone GamesThis is a another of the “jewel” games, but it’s very easy and, of course, very addictive. All you have to do is swipe your finger across gems of the same type. Say there are five diamonds in row, just swipe your finger across all five to score. You can go in any direction, up, down or zig zag across the board as long as all the gems are touching each other you will score. There are multipliers that appear on the board as you play — including magicians and little witches. They work in ways to increase your score. Each time you get more and more gems connected with each swipe, the game will give you an encouraging “good” or “superb” sound bite. I think it’s ease of the game and the clinking of the gems that makes it so addictive. Who knows, just download it and give it a try!

iJewels - Free Mobile Phone GamesiJewels

This colored gem game is very similar to another famous gem game, however, the goal of the game this time is to exchange pairs to create bigger groups which then drop off the board. It’s pretty much the same as Bejeweled, but the music, sound effects and brightly colored game board looks so professional that you’re amazed that the game is free. There are so many levels that you’ll find yourself occupied for hours.

Words with Friends Free

Words With Friends Free Mobile Phone GamesAs you might think, this board game is like Scrabble with a slightly different scoring system. Even though it’s one of the “With Friends” series of mobile phone games, you can also play with random opponents as well as choose friends from your Facebook or phone contact list. There’s no pressure, since you can play as many opponents as you can handle and take as long as you need to make a play. There are notifications to let you know when it’s your turn to make a move. If you like word games, you’ll love this one.

These are just a few of the thousands of free mobile phone games available for your mobile phone. Some games you’ve heard of before, some may be new to you. I hope I gave you a couple of new ones to try. If you want to find out about more free mobile phone games go to www.techradar.com and check out their list of the 50 Best Free iPhone and Android Games.