8 Awesome TV Blogs For Television Fanatics

8 Awesome TV Blogs for Television fanatics

Before the Internet and TV blogs, people talked about their favorite TV shows with a small group of friends, sitting around the kitchen table and drinking coffee while discussing what could or should happen on a program the next week. Now, blogs take table talk one step further — contributors analyze scripts and release spoilers, and sites host large communities of fans, some around a single TV show.

The following is a list of the best TV blogs for news, original reporting, discussion, and interaction with other fans of TV shows.

Best TV Blogs

New York Times (Television)

Insightful journalism and a healthy dose of interactive content (including slide shows and videos) is packed into The Times’ television section. The site’s design is sparse compared to other sites who focus on social features, but it’s easy to navigate and includes featured stories and an “Arts Beat” section, which includes reviews and news. The articles are well written — perhaps the most well written in the list — with thoughtfully reported stories and analysis.


TVGuide - TV Blogs
TVGuide.com also has a nice feature that tells readers what shows are trending for the upcoming evening.

The famous weekly magazine’s website features original editorial content and commentary, and sits near the top of the TV blogs leaderboard. The site is highly social, featuring trending topics, social power rankings, and “I’ll Watch” buttons to show your friends what you’re watching. A powerful feature, and one TVGuide is known for, are their TV listings, which track upcoming shows and display TV schedules for future dates.

Yahoo! TV

Original interviews, reports, and an active community — Yahoo TV is one of the more active TV blogs, with a lot to offer. The layout is easy to navigate, and the site is categorized by subjects, such as news, recaps, clips, and suggestions for what to watch. The site also has a “What To Watch Tonight” section for upcoming shows, which includes summaries and showtimes. Also, users can access content from the Yahoo! Contributor Network, written by freelancers.

HuffPost TV

The Huffington Post’s television section is littered with recaps and commentary from its extensive number of contributors. Backed by the power of its content-rich site, HuffPost TV positioned itself as a leader in TV blogs. The best content, though, is from their top TV reviewers and media professionals, with in-depth analysis of episodes and interesting pieces on the TV culture.


Vulture.com is a subsidiary of New York magazine and is perhaps the most feature-rich of the blogs on the list. The site contains news, interviews, TV show lists, reviews, and videos. Though Vulture is social-media heavy, like TV guide, there are plenty of social features for the average reader, and the content is at the forefront. As mentioned before, one interesting feature is Vulture Lists. Examples include lists of TV soundtracks, “best of” lists, and lists dedicated to a single TV show.


ZAP2it connects a large community of TV lovers to relevant entertainment news and media. A product of parent company, Tribune, Zap2it utilizes data from the Tribune’s Media Services divisions to populate most of their website. However, original reporting and interviews are common throughout the site. Perhaps more celebrity focused than the other TV blogs on the list, Zap2it features a “Who’s On TV” list to track appearances of your favorite stars, and includes a section, Pop2it, which focuses on celebrities and culture. In addition, the site features a TV blogs section, written by their in-house staff, and features commentary on popular TV shows.


Featuring full episodes, recommendations, message boards, TV listings, and a dedicated blog, IMDb gives users of its main site a competitive hub for TV-related information. Known for their large database of movie and TV information. Specifically, their IMDbTV picks list shows to watch each day. The NewsDesk keeps users up-to-date on entertainment news, curated from various sites and their Message Boards are filled with every show, trivia, and general TV information imaginable.You’ll also see interviews, profiles, and analysis published on their blog regularly. For some, IMDbTV is the only site they visit for TV information, and for good reason.

Television Without Pity

In stark comparison to the other sites on the list, Television Without Pity (TWoP) is known for its sarcastic recaps of various shows. “Recappers” write reviews, and the community grades their recaps via a “report card.” Shows which the community consider boring or unpopular are sent into permanent hiatus. The forums include threads for each episode and spoilers, written by community members. The control the community has over the entire site, paired with the “snark,” makes TWoP perhaps one of the most intriguing TV blogs on the list.

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