7 Tips For the Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note Tips

The Samsung Galaxy Note is an over-sized smartphone that has a massive 5.3-inch display and is perfect for individuals who need a lot of screen real estate on their phone. No matter if you are using this phone for work, keeping in touch, or just for playing games, there are several things you can do to optimize your Samsung Galaxy Note experience and make this smartphone work even harder for you.

These tips and tricks will work on both versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note and they do not require any upgrades or additional software.

Samsung Galaxy Note Tricks and Tips

1. Add Audio to your S-Notes

The S-Note functions is one of the most useful on the Samsung Galaxy Note and allows users to scribble down personal memos with the S-Pen without having to worry about typing on the phone’s virtual keyboard.

However, if you want to make your notes more efficient, you can add audio to your written notes. Simply touch the center of the S-Note memo to open Edit mode and then tap arrow in the right top corner to open the add menu. Touch the Microphone, followed by Record to add an audio element to your S-Note.

2. Jot Down Notes While Using Other Apps

In addition to being able to take rich notes with audio and picture, the Samsung Galaxy Note offers a “Lite” version that can be opened any time, even when another app is in use.

For instance you are watching a live-streamed video presentation and need to jot down an important point without leaving the stream, you can. Just double tap the S-pen anywhere on the screen, and your open app will instantly be pushed to the background while you take an S-Note. After you are done, simply tap the background to bring your current app back to the forefront.

3. Take a Screenshot, No Button-Pressing Involved!

If you need to share your screen quickly and don’t want to press any buttons, you can do so by simply placing your hand perpendicularly on the edge of the phone (karate chop style) and then sliding it from one side to the next. You will hear a small audio tone noting you’ve done it correctly, and the screenshot will automatically be saved in your images file.

Tech 2 notes that it may take a try or two to master this gesture, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll probably never use the Samsung menu to take a screenshot again.

4. Pause Your Media With Your Hand

Does someone need your attention, while you are watching a video or listening to music. Simply place your hand over the screen (like you would if you were trying to cover a speaker) and the media will automatically pause. Once you are ready to resume, simply lift your hand and the media will resume.

5. Add Events to Your Calendar From S-Memo

Need to quickly add an event to your calendar, but you don’t have time to open the calendar app, find the date, and enter the event details? You can simply open S-Note, write down the day, time and event details and then press the menu button, select More, and then click on Link to S-Planner. Select “New Event” and the details from your note will automatically populate the calendar fields.

6. Silence Incoming Calls by Turning Your Phone Over

Getting an incoming call at the wrong time can be awkward if you are in a formal or business situation. If you forgot to silence your phone and suddenly receive a call, simply turn the handset over (so the screen is face-down) and the phone will cease ringing immediately. To enable ringing again, just turn the Samsung Galaxy Note back over.

7. Handwritten Email Signatures

Need an email message to stand out? Try adding a hand-drawn digital signature to your messages. Simply compose a message as you normally would in the native email handling application, and then tap the S Pen button on the stylus and then create your hand-drawn signature within the message body. The image of your signature will show up as an embedded image in the received email.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a great phone for those who need the portability of a phone, but the screen real estate of a tablet. Though its most basic functions will feel familiar for tablet and smartphone users, there are several tips and tricks that are unique to the Galaxy Note that set it apart from other models and will ensure that you are using your phone to its fullest capabilities.