7 Special Bluetooth Speakers for Your Life


Are you looking for those special Bluetooth speakers designed for portability and situations where you really want to access sweet tunes but don’t want to use the tiny speakers on your phone? Here are some of the best options for you.

Special Bluetooth Speakers: Logitech UE Mini Boom

Finding a high quality portable mini Bluetooth speaker is tough. Most of these special Bluetooth speakers tend to be highly specialized, which is great for certain situations but less great if you want a good all-around product. The Logitech UE Mini Boom is one product that has got a lot of love and may be the ideal portable speaker for your needs. It only weigh two pounds, but the battery lasts for up to 20 hours, one of the best times on the market, and the sound quality is suitable for a wide variety of uses, especially on the go. If you aren’t sure what to get, try out this speaker. You can find it for around $100, so the price isn’t that bad, either.

Boom Swimmer

There is one special spot that many people want Bluetooth speakers, and that’s in the bath with them. Who doesn’t like singing along to their favorite tunes while taking a shower? Most Bluetooth speakers aren’t very friendly with water, but the Boom Swimmer definitely is. It can withstand a lengthy exposure to water and is perfect for finding great songs while in the bathroom. That humorous little tail also has an important purpose – you can wrap it or wedge around all sorts of objects, making placement very flexible. Prices are around $50.

Braven 570

Braven has an excellent collection of special Bluetooth speakers designed for various markets. One model that stands out is the 570 model, which is designed for a younger crowd more interested in parties. It fits in well in an apartment or dorm room where space is definitely limited but sound is very important to everyone. It can stream from a variety of devices and also help charge your phone. Notably, this speaker works alone, but it can also combine with other compatible speakers in the set until you have a full Bluetooth surround sound system.

Braven BRV-1

Another Braven model that has a particularly favorable niche is the BRV-1, which is built to survive. Specifically, it can survive sand at the beach, water in the river, cold on the mountain slopes, and minor tumbles on a hike. If you or a friend are a nature lover and like to take group-friendly music along with you, this is the speaker of choice.

JBL Micro Speaker

From mini to micro – if you want a really small Bluetooth speaker, this is the one for you. This little round speaker is made to be carried around without getting in the way. The little bracket at the top is get for looping it through a backpack or even a belt. However, if you want a little more sound, these micro speakers come with the ability to hook together via wires and all play the same song for added oomph.

JBL Clip

The JBL Clip is similar to the JB Micro Speaker, except for several key differences. This is one of the special Bluetooth speakers designed for hiking and other activities. It comes with a carabiner-friendly design and a very simple connection process to give you a small, personalized space of sound when you want it. One downside, however, is the battery life, which only lasts around five hours, so you may need to plan accordingly. Hey, it could also work on the commute to and from work – if you aren’t annoying any other people around you.

Motorola Roadster 2

The Motorola Roadster 2 is designed to sit in your car, happily taking care of all your Bluetooth streaming needs. Sure, it can play music, but it can also take care of other tasks, such as changing all your texts to voice messages and allowing you to text back with voice commands. If your car needs extra help when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, this may be the speaker that you need. It also comes with some useful sensor features that will turn the unit off when you exit the car to save on battery power.