7 Smart Kitchen Gadgets to Will Make Your LIfe Easier


It’s a busy world and between work, school, and extracurricular activities you find that you just don’t have the time in the kitchen.

These devices help create a smart kitchen that will hopefully make your life easier.

Kitchen Thermometer

Overcooking, or even worse, burned food is nasty. No one wants to eat it and dinner is ruined. The problem is that life is hectic and you have other things you need to get done. You can’t spend forever watching what you have in the oven and even if you think you have time to pull it out at the critical moment of completeness, something will distract you. With the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer you won’t have to worry. It allows you to remotely monitor two probes that have been inserted into the dish.You can program it to alert you when your dish is almost complete.For a slightly lower budget there is also the mini version, which uses only one probe.

Smart Coffee

It’s easy to set up your coffee pot on a timer for early morning when you wake up, but, what about other times, like when you aren’thome. If you find yourself suddenly bringing guests home or your boss, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to walk in to the smell of fresh brewed coffee? With the Mr.Coffee® Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker with WeMo® you can do that. Using Wi-Fi and cellular connections you can access your coffeepot and tell it when to brew and how strong to brew it. You just need to remember to put grounds and water in it before you leave.

Slow Cooker

Every busy person should have a slow cooker, it just makes easier. The Crock-PotSmart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 6-Quart Slow Cooker, SCCPWM600-V1 makes crock pot cooking even easier. The difficult part with slow cookers is that, when you are not home, there is nothing to tell them when to stop cooking or when to turn the temperature up, and a schedule change could mean you get over or undercooked food. With this smart slow cooker you don’t need to worry and can easily access it through your cell phone so you can adjust the cooking temperature and time for when you need it.

Measuring Scale

Some people can cook excellent meals, but when it comes to baking they are lost. With Pure Imagination Perfect Bake they shouldn’t have a problem. You don’tneed to measure the ingredients, the scale does it for you. Follow the instructions on your phone and you will receive perfect step-by-step instructions letting you bake the perfect cookies, cakes or brownies. Even better, the app comes preloaded with hundreds of recipes that will get you started right away.

Kitchen Stylus

This is not something you would have needed or even wanted 10years ago, in fact you probably would have thought it was stupid, but now it’s genius. Many of us use our tablet or phone while we are cooking so we can see the recipe, but then your digital device gets grimy and nasty. Not anymore, the Umbra iSpoon is a wooden spoon with a stylus handle, allowing you to now use your device without getting it grimy.

Measuring Spoon

The Admetior Digital Spoon Scale is useful for more than just the kitchen, in fact you may want to pick up a few of them. This accurately measure ingredients down to .1g so measure anything with precision. Whether it is used to precisely measure your morning coffee, or mete out medication the uses for this precision spoon are infinite.

Weight Loss Fork?

This makes me raise an eyebrow in query, but it does make sense.The HapiFork is a Bluetooth enabled smart device that can help you regulate your eating habits. It helps you control the speed at which you are eating, which then gives your body more time to realize when it is no longer hungry. It also comes with several neat apps that are designed to help you control and track all aspects of your diet.

It may have taken a lot longer than GM originally thought when they set up the Kitchen of Tomorrow at the 1964 World’s Fair, but I think we have gone way beyond what they ever envisioned when they were talking about a smart kitchen.