7 of the Best New Smart Home Products


Are you ready for the coming wave of new smart home products that meet real needs instead of just offering superfluous digital additions? Here are the most practical solutions hitting the market and what they can do for you.

1. New Smart Home Products: Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo (pictured above) isn’t so much a smart device as it is a separate, fascinating advance in the home automation market. This little speaker device is largely voice activated: Ask it a question, and it will answer (a little like Siri or Cortana, but without the need to pull out a phone). It can tell you facts about news, weather, measurement, dates and more. It can also carry out commands like setting an alarm, playing songs, adding items to shopping carts, and making reservations – all just by listening to you. Keep an eye on this interesting Amazon device and how consumers accept it.

2. Whirlpool Smart Washer and Dryers

Whirlpool has been working on smart washers and dryers for a while now, and its latest work is very impressive. This company was quick to forge a partnership with Google and its Works with Nest program, allowing its washers and dryers to become part of a growing home automation network. The results are new smart home products that can be programmed to switch between drying modes based on your in-house levels of activity to help you save energy. There’s also a touchscreen panel on the washer that gives you advice on how to wash specific types of clothes and other welcome digital additions that washers and dryers have needed for a long time.

3. Parrot Plant Sensor

Too many smart devices miss out on the everyday activities that people perform around their house. Parrot certainly does not with its innovative new smart home products that help you water and care for your plants. Put this device in a pot, and it can monitor light, temperature, fertilizer content and moisture levels for a plant. It works with an app that allows you to see if your plat needs some attention and what exactly needs to be changed. If you have a little bit of trouble keeping plants alive, consider using this smart device to help make things easier.

4. August Smart Lock

A growing number of smart locks are hitting the market, and the results couldn’t be more promising for better, more dynamic control of door locks. The August smart lock is a particular notable example of these new smart home products, with an app that can help you lock or unlock your door from a distance, whenever you want. It also creates a log of everyone using the smart lock to enter your home. If you want to create temporary digital keys for friends or cleaning staff, you can. It’s a great example of how smart devices can really help us,

5. Dacor Discovery IQ

Dacor’s Discovery IQ wall oven brings smart features to the wall oven with a number of much-welcome features that really make you wonder where they’ve been all this time. The oven works on the Android operating system and offers both a touchscreen and Wi-Fi capabilities. You can download multiple apps to with your cooking and use your phone for remote monitoring. Whether you are learning to cook new dishes or just don’t want to hover around the oven all day, this is an elite model worth your attention.

6. iKettle Wi-Fi Coffee Machine

We’ve looked at smart washers, dryers, plant monitors, and ovens…now let’s take a look at one of the best new smart coffee machines on the market. iKettle, which is planning on launching this model beginning in the UK, has created a coffee machine that you can control or program at a distance. Use your phone for on-demand freshly ground coffee, or program your machine to fire up the moment you open the door. It even lets you create specific coffee recipes for varying strengths. Like older coffee machines, you can also set more rigid schedules if you prefer. Don’t worry, you’ll probably be able to order one from the U.S. too.

7. MisFit Flash and Bolt

Misfit Flash is a pretty typical smart fitness watch, designed for the lower end of the market but still a nice little watch that can help you track your activity and get even healthier. However, Misfit is working on combining Flash with multiple other smart devices around the house, to fascinating results. One of the first combinations is with the smart bulb Bolt, which can be programmed to turn on or off with the watch or dimmed when the fitness band senses you are falling asleep.