7 More Money Saving Apps to Love


What are the best money saving apps? The number of money savings apps that can be found in the marketplaces for the three main mobile computing platforms is growing by leaps and bounds. These apps run the gamut from helping you save money on gas to helping you save money on your next car purchase.

Most of the apps that I’m going to mention here are available for all three mobile platforms — Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. However, the people and companies that designed the apps haven’t made them all available for Windows Phone yet.

7 Great Money Saving Apps for 2014

These seven apps should help you stretch your dollar a little farther, but don’t forget about the Digital Landing Deals page, which is also available through your mobile browser. It might not be a mobile app — but it will save you a lot of money like one!

Find the Lowest Prices on Gas

The price of gas doesn’t look like it’s going to end its upward spiral anytime soon. You need every tool in the arsenal to save as much as possible. GasBuddy is one of the best money saving apps I’ve seen in quite some time to help you do this.

The app is free and available for most major mobile computing platforms, including BlackBerry. How it works is insanely simple. It’s community-driven. GasBuddy users note when and where they find great prices on gas in the app, and it updates continuously. When someone sees a lower price in the same area, they launch the app and input the information. The app will even give you a map to the station from where you’re at, if you ask.

HomeBudget Helps You Keep Track of Spending

If you’re like me, you aren’t always on top of your household expenses. Maybe you forgot to list that grocery purchase in your checkbook. HomeBudget was created by Anishu for all three platforms. It’s a pretty powerful little financial tool that helps you stay on top of all your finances easily. If you’re like me, you don’t take your checkbook with you most of the time, but you’re your cell phone is attached to your hip.

This app is like a mobile device version of Intuit’s Quicken product, letting you create different bank accounts, credit card accounts, track when your bills are due and when you make payments. Even better, you can graph all this information so you can see graphical representations of your finances. You can also configure it to share information across several devices. Current price for the app is about $5.

Plan Your Next Vacation Using the Kayak Mobile App

The Kayak app helps you save money on all your travel needs.

The Kayak website is, in my opinion, one of the better sites for saving money on travel, hotel reservations, vacation packages, and car rentals. Now, imagine the power of the website in an easy to use app and you have the Kayak mobile app. The app is available for the “big three” as well as for Kindle devices. Unfortunately, they haven’t made it available for BlackBerry yet.

Check and Post Listings Quickly with Craigslist Mobile App

Love it or hate it, I’m guessing you’ve heard of Craigslist. It can be a great way to make a few extra dollars by selling things you no longer want or need, as well as a great way to find things at greatly discounted prices. Looking through the listings in the browser on your mobile device can be a pain, though. However, you can easily peruse listings and create listings in less than a minute, using the Craigslist mobile app, available for Windows Phone, as well as Android and iOS.

Zoomingo Lets You Browse Sales, Coupons, and Vouchers

Have you ever wished that you could have a reliable resource for finding the best prices around town on a variety of products, on your cell phone? If so, you’re looking for Zoomingo (Zoom in-and go). Unlike other similar apps, Zoomingo takes information from the retailers themselves — both large name stores like JCPenney, Target, and Nordstrums (to name just a few), but also local stores and boutique stores. Zoomingo also lets users upload news of sales and clearances. While free, Zoomingo isn’t yet available for Windows Phone users.

Find the Best Bars and Restaurants with Grubbly

You’re in town for a convention and you want to find the best place to grub down, or soak up some of the local culture and hit the local watering hole. You can ask the people working the desk at the hotel, or you can launch the Grubbly app on your iOS or Android device and get the real 4-1-1. Grubbly lets you find the best eats in town at the best prices. Grubbly is another app that relies heavily on the input of others to let users know what’s hot and what’s not.

ShopSavvy Lets You Comparison Shop to Find the Best Deals

We all know that the price on a particular consumer product can vary greatly by where you shop for it. Logic states that you’ll probably save more money by buying an item at a slightly higher price than if you chase all over town looking for the best price. ShopSavvy is one of best money saving apps because it lets you scan a QR code or barcode for a specific item and it will present you with a listing of where that item can be bought for less. Even better, with some retailers you can buy the product through the app and pick it up in store at your leisure.