7 Great Ways to Charge Your Phone Faster


Trying to charge your phone faster and keep the battery from getting drained too quickly can be as easy as following some simple tips in order to conserve the power to keep you connected. If you regularly maintain your mobile phone and do not wait until it is low on power or is completely drained, you will likely never find yourself scampering to find a way to charge your phone faster.

Charge Your Phone Faster With These Tips

1. Turn Your Phone Off

It naturally makes sense that your mobile phone will charge faster if it is turned off. Not only is this logical, but it is also true. If you leave your mobile phone on while you are charging it, the time it will take to bring it back to full power will take longer. Unless you really need to keep it powered up, turning it off will definitely help speed up the process. With the power off, your phone is not constantly looking for a network to connect to or draining juice from the background apps you have downloaded and are running.

2. Switch to Airplane Mode

There has been much written about the benefits of switching to airplane mode while charging your phone. Since you are technically cutting off the capability of the phone to send and receive calls, why bother you may ask? There is less of a drain on the battery, so recharging the device should not take as long as it would if all the functions were fully engaged. This could be an option when you want to continue to use other functions on your mobile phone while it charging such as using downloaded apps to play games, listen to music or check your calendar for upcoming events.

3. Charge Your Phone While Driving

Here’s another tip to charge your phone faster when you are not at home. If you are on your way to work or will be on the road and do not have time to charge your mobile phone ahead of time, then you can boost its charge while you are driving. As long as your car is running while the mobile phone is plugged in with an adapter, it will safely charge your device and you will not have to worry about your car’s battery being drained. Just make sure that you follow the rules of safe driving and do not disengage your mobile phone while it is charging to use it or text while on the road unless you pull over first.

4. Plug Your Phone into a Wall Socket Instead of Using USB Adapter

You will get the most power and juice from a traditional wall socket as opposed to using a USB adapter. A wall socket was designed to provide plugged in appliances and devices with a constant source of power. As a rule, USBs tend to take longer when charging a mobile phone. If you still want to check out USBs and explore high-powered adapters then make sure that you purchase one that is a good match for the capabilities of your mobile phone and that it can handle the amperage and specifications of the USB adapter unit. If you get an adapter that is not right for your phone it may actually take longer to charge to it.

5. Use a Portable Battery Pack

There are several great portable battery packs on the market that you can keep with you if you need to charge your mobile phone. This is a great option when you are not at home or may not have access to a traditional wall outlet to plug in the device to give it a boost. Just like your mobile phone, a portable battery pack will also need to be regularly charged in order to provide your mobile phone with an occasional boost. Shop around and check out the various brands to see how much power they have and how long they take to fully charge a mobile phone. Amazon offers a lot of choices for portable battery packs and provides consumers with the ability to do some comparison shopping and see all the different brands available so you can get the best deal for your money.

6. Turn Off Unnecessary Features

Many consumers may not realize that if they turn off certain features on their mobile phones, their batteries will last longer and will not take as long to recharge when the power gets low. During those times when your mobile phone is turned on but you are not actually using it, tone down the brightness of your device’s screen to save power. Other ways to conserve energy include closing downloaded apps that you regularly use. If your mobile phone has GPS, make sure to switch it off after using it, otherwise it will continue to draw power from your battery.

7. Don’t Wait Until Power is Low to Charge Your Battery

This is another common sense strategy to keep in mind to charge your phone faster. If you set up and maintain a regular schedule to fully charge your mobile phone instead of waiting until it is low in power or completely drained, it will take less time to fully restore it. A battery with 50% power will logically charge faster than a battery that has, let’s say, perhaps only 10% of its capacity remaining. Depending on how often you use your mobile phone, try to stick to an ongoing schedule of maintaining your battery to keep it at or near full power. This is particularly important for those times during power outages as a result of inclement weather.

Photo Credit: Jim Bauer