7 Great Reasons to Give to Goodwill Before Moving


There are many tangible benefits to give to Goodwill before moving. Relocating to a new city, state, or even another neighborhood in your current location is a great time to take stock of your belongings. Are you a hoarder or pack rat?

Moving time’s traditional hassle of packing, loading, moving and then unpacking gives you a great chance to pare down your life’s inventory. One thing to consider is donating items to a charitable organization, like Goodwill or the Volunteers of America.

Give to Goodwill Before Moving

Here are seven great reasons to donate some items for those less fortunate, while you’re relocating all of your stuff.

1. Taking Stock of Your Life’s Belongings

Free Digital Landing Moving GuideFaced with the prospect of packing, loading, and moving the entirety of everything you own, there’s rarely a better time to decide whether or not you truly need that old CD player or PlayStation 2. You may discover that you are able to get by with fewer material possessions. If so, you are now free to focus on the more important things in life, and someone else can enjoy that old PS2 when they see it for sale at the Goodwill Store.

2. Moving Time Becomes an Easier Process for You and Your Friends

Don’t be that person that ropes all your friends into helping you move the day of the big game. By donating a good chunk of your possessions to Goodwill, you may even be able to move everything all by yourself. You can then throw a house-warming party at your new home on the day of the big game!

3. Save Money on Gas, Time, and Other Moving Expenses

Reducing the amount you need to move saves you in a myriad of ways. You won’t have to spend as much in moving expenses, like boxes, packing tape, and gas. Since time is money, getting things done more quickly also provides a measure of cost savings which can be used for more libations at your house-warming party.

4. Don’t Forget the Tax Benefits from Donating to Goodwill

Donating items to Goodwill is a great way to save money during tax time. There are appreciable tax benefits from charitable giving, no matter how small your total donation. Be sure to talk with your tax advisor for additional details on the possible benefits to your 1040.

5. Goodwill is a Great Organization that Helps People Everyday

By donating your unneeded items to Goodwill, you are definitely giving to a good cause. Check out Goodwill’s history to get a feel for all the good they do in our society. Donating to Goodwill is arguably one of the best things about moving!

6. Don’t Forget about the Volunteers of America for Your Car

If you are getting a new vehicle in addition to your relocation, consider donating your old car to the Volunteers of America. The VoA is another reputable charity organization known for their work with veterans and other groups in need. You also potentially earn significant tax benefits from donating a big ticket item like a car.

7. It is Important to Spread the Wealth

Ultimately, it is important to share your wealth. There is definitely a measure of truth to the time-honored saying, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Even if you gain a tax benefit or save some money on moving expenses by donating unneeded items to Goodwill or the VoA, someone less fortunate than you also benefits from that transaction. Pay it forward!

So the hassle of moving doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Before your moving day, spend the time to take inventory of your possessions to decide whether or not you truly need something. Donating any spare possessions to a charitable organization helps make your move easier, but it also enriches the lives of those less fortunate, and makes you feel a little better about the world in the process.

Remember, if you need any additional advice on the moving process, be sure to check out our helpful Moving Guide; you may find a valuable tip or two to make your relocation an easier time.

Photo Credit: JeepersMedia