6 Questions On Dish Network Channel Guide

Dish Network Channel Guide Satellite TV

Everyone felt relief when Dish Network reached a deal with AMC and brought back some of our favorite shows (Mad Men or The Walking Dead, anyone?). With so many options, it might be time to consider that Satellite TV package again. One thing we’re going to look at closely is the Dish Network channel guide, and how are we supposed to use it? Channel guides help you make TV service purchasing decisions. Read on to find out more.

1. What Is a Dish Network Channel Guide?

A Channel Guide is simply a list of channels that will be available when you purchase a particular Satellite TV package. Dish Network, along with most TV Providers, post these guides online, so that you can view your options.

Dish Network Channel Guides can make purchasing decisions easier.You can only view these lists — the Dish Network Channel Guide is not for picking out the channels you most want in your package. You cannot pluck out channels from the guide and add them to a current contract, or delete channels that you are paying for. The list only shows what channels are included in one package. Find the package you are currently paying for to find what channels you can access: This makes it easy to search for that one channel you think you have, but are not sure where it is or if you actually paid for it.

2. Are There Different Types of Guides?

Yes. A Dish Network Channel Guide exists for every type of Dish Network package you can buy. This is the main function of the channel guide, allowing you to compare specific channel differences between one package and another. For example, you may want one of the common “America’s Top 120” Channel packages that give you all the popular channels and little else to save money. But suppose you examine the Channel Guide for the Top 120 package and find out it does not have your favorite soccer or local college football channel. You can bring up the Dish Network Multi-Sport Package and compare its Channel Guide to see if gives you those sports channels without taking too many popular stations away in return.

For every type of package Dish Network offers, from the Standard and HD listing to the dishLATINO and Hawaii/Alaska packages, you can view the channel guides to see what is available. For example, if you want to watch AMC, you can use the channel guide to find out that it is not included in America’s Top 120, but you can find it in America’s Top 200, giving you an idea of what package to buy. Likewise, the FOX Soccer Channel is not available until America’s Top 250, so you must either spend more to get it or locate a sports package option that includes it. If you use the TV more for family shows, then the inexpensive Dish Family, with Nick Toons, Boomerang, and the Hallmark Channel, may be more your style. The Channel Guide helps you decide every time.

3. Do I Have To View Them Online?

Clicking back and forth between channel guides to spot the little differences can be exhausting. If you access the Dish Network Channel Guide at MyDish, you can download and print out channel lineup cards can let you make physical comparisons … instead of staring at the screen until you get a headache. Of course, you may waste a lot of printer ink to acquire the physical version, so a little cost-benefit analysis may be called for. If you have separate tablet or computer screens, you can bring up different channel guides on each for swift comparison. Printing out Channel Guides should be a last resort.

4. Look, I Just Want to Find One Particular Channel. Can I Do That?

Yes. Some guides allow you to search for channels, while others list them in alphabetical order. Scroll down to find the channel you are looking for (as long as you know the name). The numbers, like “120” and “250” refer to those America’s Top Channels packages.

5. Wait, What Do HD and VoD Mean?

These common terms pop up frequently on Channel Guides. HD means “High Definition” and refers to the channel image quality. HD channels cost more and are only available in certain packages, but with a modern TV screen many people find the picture quality worthwhile, especially for sports and action. VoD means “Video on Demand.” Dish Network offers a Video on Demand service that lets you stream movies and certain shows on your TV at any time, much like Netflix. A VoD icon indicates that a channel has shows that will appear in Video on Demand, if you subscribe to the service.

6. How Can I Do More Than Look at the Channels?

Enter your street address in the top right form on this page, and you’ll be shown what satellite deals are being offered by Dish Network in your area. You can then call them and discuss the programming options you want to sign up for.