6 New Smart Home Products Introduced at CES 2015


New smart home products were so numerous at this year’s CES that they had their own separate area. Big name companies like Bosch, Lowe’s, Kwikset, and ADT, among others, showcased products that will become available this year. Tech West is the name that was given to this pavilion dedicated to smart home.

New Smart Home Products

Come with me and we’ll take a stroll through the pavilion and get a glimpse at some of what I consider the most exciting.

Miele Connected Oven is Amazing in More Ways than One

Of the numerous new smart home products that were introduced at CES 2015, the Miele 48-Inch Dual Gas Range is the one I want but will probably never be able to own unless I open a restaurant. I love to cook and this connected oven brings perfection in the kitchen closer. The oven connects to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control it from a mobile device. The apps for it, both on your phone and the front control panel let you control and monitor temperatures as well as cook to the specifications of more than 100 recipes and cooking programs. Oh, yeah. The asking price? Around $14,000.

The MyFox Home Security System Melds Security and Automation

This is one that I’ve been watching from afar for a little bit. It’s only been available in Europe but now it’s coming to the US. Like most new security systems, MyFox combines home security features with some home automation features. It comes with a keyfob that lets you come and go as you please while maintaining a high level of security. You can also get full HD cameras with shutters that can be closed to for privacy.

What I really like about this system is that in most instances, it can predict a break-in attempt on doors or windows with their patented IntelliTAG™ sensors. These sensors detect and differentiate between vibrations that signify “normal activity” (like someone knocking on the door) and “break-in attempts” (like a lock being picked or the door being kicked).

Umbrela is Spelled Weird But Cool

Umbrela bills itself as the only home automation system you’ll ever need. This is because Umbrela combines pretty much everything from home security to safety to lighting and ambiance in a single product. It’s got sensors that can detect carbon monoxide and fire as well as break-ins. Other sensors detect your movement and control lighting, music, and the security system as you move through your home. Topping it all off is the fact that while there is a mobile app, you don’t need a mobile device.

The Brio Outlet Is One of the New Smart Home Products Addressing Safety Needs

When my kids were born I was told to watch them closely because they’d be very curious about electrical outlets and might stick something in one. The Brio Outlet addresses this and other home safety concerns. Internal sensors can tell the difference between a real plug and something a child might stick in one of the sockets and disconnect power. There are also external sensors, or tokens, that detect smoke, water, and carbon monoxide. These tokens sound an alarm and send a message to your mobile device.

Welcomes Adds Facial Recognition to Home Video Surveillance

Welcome by Netatmo is one of the exceptions in new smart home products at CES 2015 because it only does one thing, video surveillance. The fact that it does that one thing extremely well is what I like about it. Place cameras where someone is likely to enter and every time someone enters the system will send a push notification to your mobile device.

Part of the information contained in that push notification is whether or not the system recognized the person that entered. If the person is unrecognized, you’ll get a high definition image along with a special message saying they weren’t recognized. The system will also stream a live feed of the areas covered by cameras.

Ecovent Realizes that Room Temperature Control isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

I’m more comfortable in temperatures that are a little lower than most people like. This is problematic in winter because the house thermometer is usually set a few degrees higher than I like and simply opening and closing the vents doesn’t give me enough temperature control.

This is where Ecovent is going to come in very handy. Instead of being manually controlled, the vents are connected to sensors in each of the rooms that monitor temperature and humidity and allow you to control them using a mobile app. If you’ve got a connected thermometer like Nest, the Ecovent system will also interact with it. The only problem is that it’s not going to be available until late in the year.