6 Great Reasons to Keep a Landline Phone

Landline phone
Keeping a landline phone can be a smart move for many people.

Many people are moving away from their landline phone to use cell phones exclusively. When my son bought his first home, a condo, he chose not to install a landline phone, feeling that his cell phone is adequate (and saving money instead for a state-of-the-art large-screen TV).

This may make sense for some, but there are several reasons to continue with both landline and cellular phones.

  1. My landline phone came with one main unit with a recorder, and three phone extensions. Having a phone available on both levels of my home is convenient, as a phone is only a few steps away when a call comes in.
  2. In the event of an emergency, a landline call to 911 allows the answering dispatcher to pinpoint my location immediately, as the street address will appear on the computer screen. Cellular 911 calls go to the nearest cell tower and are usually sent to a regional call center, so the caller must provide location information verbally. Someone with a serious injury, or a child, may not be able to give that information accurately.
  3. Using my old telephone with a cord allows me to remain connected to the landline service when the power is out.
  4. A home security system may require a landline; products using cell service are not available in all areas, and Internet security services require a broadband connection and a modem or router.
  5. When family members call, or old friends, it’s fun for more than one person to participate in the call using the phone extensions.
  6. Call quality is important to me – the landline offers clear connections with ample volume.

I love the convenience and flexibility of having a cell phone when I’m out and about, and I especially enjoy texting friends and family, as well as sending photos. But for security and call quality, keeping a landline phone in my home is very important to me. Dropping a landline service may save some money, but the benefits to keeping it far outweigh any cost savings.


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