6 Fun Tech Gifts That Make You Feel Old School

6 Fun Tech Gifts - Trapper Keeper iPad Case

Since the recession hit a few years ago, America became a place that really looked back to nostalgic times to make us feel better — while also buying brand new iPhones every other year and multiple iPads.

It’s safe to say, we love the past but we love to live in the future even more.

With that in mind, here’s a look at some old school items that work as fun tech gifts.

6 Fun Tech Gifts to Remind Us of Yesteryear

It was never more convenient to live in the past!

Trapper Keeper iPad Case — $29.99

Remember when you used to draw cool Van Halen logos on your homemade paper-bag book covers, and use your Trapper Keeper for all of your important middle-school documents? With this iPad case, you’ll still feel like an insecure teenager with raging hormones, but you’ll look goooood doing it!

Cassette Tape iPhone Case — $1.73

Ahhh, the mix tape. No adolescent crush was complete without it. You’d take some cool songs off the radio, or if you were cool enough, you even had a double-tape deck, so you could dub from one tape to another. Now your iPhone can have that same look, and you can think back at the time Betty Sue rejected you, sending you into a tailspin of depression … Good times.

Game Boy iPhone Case — $2.69

Playing “Tetris” on your old Game Boy is what got you through all those trips your mom took to the hair salon. (Man, she loved that place.) And now, you can load up Tetris on your new iPhone, with a Game Boy case. Granted, you’ll get bored within minutes because the game just isn’t the same, but still …

Princess Leia Headphones — $16.13

All of the “Star Wars” fans will be jealous of your new Princess Leia Headphones! They look even better on guys!

“You Killed Kenny” USB Drive 4GB — $16.99

Maybe the late ’90s classifies as old school for you, so pick up this 4GB flash drive, yank Kenny‚Äôs head off and use it to store very important documents!

Phone Handset for Your iPhone — $9.50

Granted, slamming down the phone after telling someone off just doesn’t work as well with this type of handset, but it will give you the chance to get that weird pain in your neck from talking on the phone out of your purse.

Let us know if there are some great tech gifts that make you feel old school that we might have missed!