5 Ways to Save Your iPhone Battery Life

There are a few ways you can save your iPhone Battery Life.

The iPhone 5 is out and it is time to kick back and enjoy the latest mobile features! … Until that iPhone battery life dies and your screen blinks out without warning. It’s all right to be surprised — the new iPhone battery life span looks confusing at first glance. How long the battery lasts depends on what you use that slick new smartphone for.

If you only make calls with typical 3G services on, battery life will last around eight hours. If you leave the phone on standby, it can last up to 225 hours. If you want to access the Internet, iPhone battery life lasts around eight hours — a bit more on wireless Internet access instead of 3G/4G data streaming. Video playback all on its own can last up to 10 hours.

Of course, you use a mix of all these services on your phone, making actual battery life harder to pin down. The latest iPhone 5 users reportedly receive around 8 to 12 hours of battery life per charge on average — but more is almost always better, so check out these tips to improve battery life for when you need it most.

5 Tips to Save Your iPhone Battery Life

1. Save the LTE for When You Need It

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, the latest standard for 4G (fourth generation) wireless data through your phone plan. Like 3G before it, 4G makes it easy to go online and stream videos wherever you are. But LTE also requires the constant running of the latest technology that Apple has equipped the iPhone 5 with, which can siphon away battery life very quickly. Use the settings to turn off LTE 4G and use wireless instead, until you absolutely need 4G services.

2. Locked Down

Smartphones come with locking mechanisms that allow you to stop the touchscreen and buttons from working unless you unlock the phone. At first, this may not seem that this feature would save battery life, but locking your phone up can prevent turning the screen on over and over by accidentally pressing buttons when the phone is in your pocket or sliding your fingers over the screen when you really just want to adjust the volume.

In addition to locking the screen, you can also turn down the brightness levels so that when you do turn the screen on, your iPhone battery life lasts longer with less power-hungry illumination.

3. Keep Up On the Apps

Nearly every time Apple releases an update for its phone software, it includes tweaks to the program that help apps run more quickly and more efficiently. Over time, these updates can help increase overall energy efficiency and help your battery last longer. So when your app store notifies you about a waiting update, go ahead and download it as soon as you can.

If you want even more specific control over your iPhone battery life, then download one of the apps that help you monitor and maximize it, like Battery Doctor Pro. These apps show you how much usage time you have left and increase the accuracy of the charging process to help remove that slow-drain effect that keeps old batteries from performing well.

4. No Pushing in Line: Check Email Yourself

Push features consistently scan your email or social networks for updates and then publish them to your iPhone 5. This is nice if you need instant notifications during a busy work day, but for most occasions you do not need Push services. But constantly logging online and checking your email, your smartphone is created a mindless drain on battery resources. To save energy, switch your email to the manual mode using Settings. This way, your email and similar services only update when you choose to check them.

5. How Many of Those Extra Services Do You Use?

The iPhone 5 comes filled with extra services, which is good news for app fans. Your battery life fares less well, however, so go through all those services and turn off those you never really use. Location-based services, for example, track where you are using Wi-Fi. This is a nice function when receiving driving instructions, but it is a power-draining waste when it only updates you on local restaurants and weather. You can turn off location services in the Privacy tab on your Settings menu.

Bluetooth is the same way — only turn it on when you are using Bluetooth devices. Any apps that offer you constant notifications for updated news or sports scores are also fair game. Check for news when you need it, do not let these programs run background searches that sap your battery life. Turn Siri off entirely if you are not using voice services.

Finally, remember — always restart your iPhone complete after making these changes to put them into effect.

Photo Source: Flickr