5 Unusual Bluetooth Accessories

The Hi-Call Glove - Bluetooth accessories

Bluetooth is wireless technology that facilitates the passage of data and voice between phones or from one computer to the next. Bluetooth accessories are designed to use along with your phone and make your life easier.

One of the most common Bluetooth accessories is the basic headphone or ear piece. The next most popular group of Bluetooth accessories are for the hands-free features. Hands-free found a huge boost in usage, when the driving and texting laws went into place and it became illegal in many states to text or talk on the phone while driving. Common accessories for the Bluetooth hands-free systems include speakers, boosters, and devices that allow you to use your vehicle’s surround-sound system to make calls.

Bluetooth continues to evolve and push the envelope of technology. Companies are continually developing new ways to use the bluetooth technology. In a bid to satisfy the needs and desires of consumers, there have been some unusual Bluetooth accessories developed.


TheĀ O.R.B, or the Orbital Ring Bluetooth, is one of the most unusual Bluetooth accessories to hit the market. Because of its unique design, the O.R.B can be twisted and worn as a ring or as a standard earpiece. When a call or message is received the ring will vibrate on your finger. This unique device can also be programmed as an event reminder. The ring can display caller I.D. information and also features talk-to-text, so you don’t need to take the ring off to communicate with your caller. Optimal service is within 30 feet of the device. When not in use the ring can serve as a clock with alarm.

ORB - Bluetooth Accessories

The Hop

The next time you fly, you don’t need to worry about lost luggage — your bags will find you. A new prototype suitcase, called, The Hop, uses three Bluetooth sensors to track a path directly to your cell phone. Each piece can run on their own or they can be set to line up in single file. The system runs off an app on your smartphone. This product has shown tremendous potential, as it can be of great assistance to the elderly or those with disabilities.

The hi-Call Glove

hi-Call Glove - Bluetooth accessoriesMost of us are familiar with the “Call me!” sign, with your pinky to your lips and your thumb to your ear. It’s the perfect way to visually get the message across to another person. Bluetooth technology has taken that sign to a whole new level. The hi-Call glove is a glove that allows users to hold a conversation using that “Call me” sign, with a microphone in the pinky and speaker in the thumb. This handset identifies your smartphone and bounces off of it to make actual calls. The “end call” button is located at the top of the glove.


Most alarm clocks these days are digital, so waking up to the benefits of technology every morning is commonplace. Now, technology is improving our lives as we sleep. Bluetooth has created a device called the WakeMate. It is a device that you wear like a bracelet when you settle down for the night. The monitor picks up on brainwave activity and sends the information to your smartphone. The application analyzes the data and rings your phone when your body begins to tell you that it’s time to get up, ensuring that you wake up alert and ready to go.

Mobile Lorm Glove

Mobile Lorm Glove - Bluetooth AccessoriesWhile some have settled on hand gestures, still others continue to push the envelope in terms of innovation. Scientists in Germany have set upon a course to develop a glove that allows the hearing and visually impaired to communicate via text messages and email, using a touch-based language similar to Morse code, called “Lorm.”

The Mobile Lorm Glove uses a system which allows different characters to be created by using different parts of the hand, essentially as a keyboard. It converts the Lorm alphabet into text using pressure points in the glove. Bluetooth sends the manipulated alphabet to the user’s phone to be sent off as either an email or a text message. When messages are received, the glove vibrates in a sequence that spells out the message for them so they can ‘read’ it.

Twenty years ago, Bluetooth was a whisper on the lips of frightened cable repairmen because it was considered a threat to the industry. Bluetooth was introduced as a way to eliminate cable data cords, what we now know as wireless technology.

Bluetooth has gone far beyond it’s original intent and now infiltrates the computer industry and our lives. Who knows what will come out next in Bluetooth accessories?


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