Never Fear: ADT Home Security is Here

ADT Home Security

If you looked for security systems for your home in the past, then ADT Home Security is a familiar brand to you. With more than six million customers in North American, the company is the largest home security tech company of its kind. When shopping for your alarm system, automation devices, and similar home protection ideas, check out ADT Home Security to learn more about products and costs. Even if you find better prices elsewhere, you will learn a lot of about what home security can do for you.

While ADT began as a telegraph company in the 1800s (explaining the name American District Telegraph), by modern times it had dedicated itself to residential and business security systems. This single focus allowed the business to invest at the forefront of security technology. The result is a collection of highly advanced home systems with fascinating features. Home Security is far more than a simple alarm system and sticker on the window. Here are a few facts about ADT products you may not know.

1. You Can Automate Nearly Everything

The Pulse service the company provides is like Home Security 2.0. Rather than merely setting smoke or theft alarms and appointing responders, Pulse offers automatic integration of your home systems, combining all processes in one control center.

Lighting and thermostat controls can be automated along with smoke detectors and burglary monitors. Sprinklers can be set and adjusted the same way remote video services can be activated and small home appliances (coffeemakers!) can be turned on and off.

Your house becomes a single system where you can create entirely different automated behaviors for weekends compared to weekdays, or for the summer compared to the winter. Planning on a vacation? Set your entire house, from lights to sprinklers, to take care of things while you are gone. Use email, texts, and streaming video to check up on things in the meantime.

2. ADT Home Security Can Save You Money

ADT Security Sticker

It is tempting to think of Home Security and alarms in terms of cost only. It is also a mistake. On a general level, you can save money on homeowners insurance by installing an alarm system. You can also save through prevention, by using flood, leak, and smoke detectors to catch problems before too much damage is done to objects not covered by your policy.

However, with advanced home systems, there are even more ways to save money. All those automation systems give an easy way to cut light and thermostat use to only necessary times, saving energy while helping appliances last longer. Set your system to shut down power to entertainment systems or unused appliances during the night, and you can save even more.

3. Health is a Part of Home Safety

Much of Home Security is devoted to prevention, from fires to theft. But the other side of the coin is home aid, where monitoring helps encourage health. ADT Home Security devotes an entire web page to Home Health, or systems that protect, but also connect residents with health responders. Senior citizens can use these capabilities to contact representatives through an intercom no matter where they are in the house, ideal for reaching help when accidents occur. Responders can send emergency vehicles or call friends and family as needed. Medical alert features can activate emergency response systems with a single button, which seniors can wear on a wristband or necklace.

4. Premium Packages are Even Better

Yes, you can receive texts that tell you when your kids get home from school, or remotely open your doors for special deliveries and services when you are away from home. But ADT Home Security premium packages go beyond evolving security technology and give you something that Home Security desperately needs: More human service. The Gold Protection package lets you replace any defective system parts within days. Custom Home Services clients receive free Home Security analysis, a welcome call explaining how service works, immediate live service representatives, and similar features that put the focus on you.

5. You Can Upgrade

Building a new addition? Adding a new family member to your home? Changing your schedule? Just add the necessary protection. No need to change your entire system or call in for expensive estimates and electrical work. Simply add new sensors or detectors as needed. Install a new window and buy one additional sensor. Outfit a new nursery with the latest surveillance equipment. Buy a basic system from ADT Home Security for a low price, then build it up as years pass or when security becomes a higher priority. There is no need to make a once-and-for-all security purchase.

Photo credit: Paolo Margari via photopin cc