5 Replacements for Redbox Instant Streaming


After less than two years, Verizon has given up on Redbox Instant Streaming. As of October 7, the streaming option was gone. Those that had a subscription are being given refunds and the instant applications on various platforms are vanishing. In fact, I noticed that it had been pulled out of my Samsung Blu-Ray player as of October 8th.

5 Reasons Redbox Instant Streaming Failed

There were a lot of factors that hurt Redbox Instant Streaming.

Late to the Game

Redbox and Verizon got into the video streaming game a little too late. There were already several well established players in the market that had a dedicated audience. Unless they were offering something different than the rest, they didn’t stand a chance.

Small Offerings

With competitors offering high-quality original programming and a huge well-established selection, you would have thought Redbox would have given us more. I think that all of us expected to find the same or at least similar offerings as the kiosks and we were all disappointed to find that they didn’t offer anything new, unless we wanted to pay extra for it.


The pricing was comparable to the already existing Netflix, and they had the same offerings. Everything I looked at on Redbox, I could find on Netflix. The only things that Netflix didn’t have were the new releases, which I had to pay extra to view and there were several other places I could already watch those. The only true advantage to Redbox was that your subscription price came with 4 free kiosk rentals a month, this made it worth it if you watched that many movies.

Credit Card Scare

Rumors of credit card scamming definitely didn’t help with their streaming efforts. There have been a lot of credit card fraud this year, which puts everyone on edge when it comes to giving their card number out. When those rumors are attached to a fledgling operation everyone is going to stand back and wait to see what actually happens. It definitely didn’t help that the credit card fraud issue put a stop to new subscriptions about three months ago, no company is going to grow that way.

Slow & Clunky

I don’t know about everyone else, but I when I compared Netflix and Redbox I found that Redbox was slow and used a lot of my resources. I also didn’t like how they set up their selection browser. It was too much effort to look for a specific genre or movie.

4 Great Redbox Instant Streaming Replacements

Redbox leaving the market had very little impact on most of us, but if you were fairly new to the world of video streaming then it might have left you wondering ‘what next?’ Don’t worry, there are many options out there that will let you get your video fix without leaving the house. These are just a few of the more popular streaming options out there.

Netflix.com: An obvious choice for a direct replacement to Redbox Instant Streaming. They have everything Redbox did plus more. There are several original shows, old classics, movies, TV series and documentaries. In fact the selection is so vast that you are sure to find something for everyone to enjoy.

Hulu Plus: A great way to catch up on the the current TV series. They also have a wide selection of movies in fact with over 200 pages of movie choices you can’t really go wrong.

Vudu.com: Want to watch a new release but don’t want to brave the elements to pick up a disc? Then rent it from the comfort of your home. Vudu features new release movies at a pay per view cost.

Crackle.com: They may not be new, or even remotely current, but there is a large selection of movies spanning back decades. These are from the Sony library and are available to view for free.

You don’t need to stream to catch up on the latest TV shows, you can catch them live or record them to watch at your leisure with your own Cable TV subscription. Check out some of the deals available in your area.