5 Reasons to Check Out Hulu’s Watchlist

Hulu's Watchlist

Hulu has recently introduced a new feature that they call Watchlist. Hulu’s Watchlist replaces and combines three previously separate features; Queue, Favorites and Shows You Watch. It has only taken them a few years to get around to it, but it is probably one of the smartest they have done in a while.

Combine 3 Features into 1

Before the introduction of the Watchlist, each feature was in a separate location on your screen, not even combined in the same menu, which did not make it the friendliest or easiest to navigate. The Queue was the list where you put show wanted to watch sometime in the future, Favorites was a list of (obviously) your favorite shows and Shows You Watch was continually updated with whatever you had recently viewed. The new Watchlist takes all of these features and puts them into one convenient package, making it easier for their viewers.

Simple to Update

By simply clicking on the ‘+’ on the bottom of the screen you can easily add a program to your Watchlist. Your Watchlist will then act similar to the former Queue and it will automatically update itself when new episodes are added.

Intuitive List

The new Hulu Watchlist is supposed to learn your viewing preferences as you use it and it is supposed to anticipate your viewing habits. The program analyzes your viewing preferences and will automatically adjust the viewing order of your queue to reflect the shows you are more likely to watch first. So if you are in the habit of watching every episode of a certain show when it is released then that show will appear at the top of your Watchlist.

Similar to Netflix, Hulu’s Watchlist will also keep track of where you are in a show. So if are interrupted halfway through an episode it will pick back up exactly where you left off.

Hulu’s Watchlist Allows Easy Binge Watching

Another great feature they have added is ideal for all of your binge watchers out there. On living room devices, such as your Blu-Ray and gaming console there is an option to Play All. This lets you start at the first episode and it will just keep going through the whole season without you having to do a thing, except maybe pause it so that you can take a bathroom break.

Rolling Upgrades

If you don’s see the new Watchlist on your account yet, don’t worry, you haven’t been forgotten about. Hulu is doing rolling upgrades and plans to have the new system out to everyone in the next several months.

It is currently available on Hulu.com, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, PS3, Amazon Fire TV and the newest Samsung TV and Blu-ray Players. If you don’t yet have it and want to try it, you can download it from Hulu.

The Downside

The new intuitive Watchlist may be great for one person, or even a couple, but what about families? If you have children that access your Hulu account then I’m not so sure that this intuitive Watchlist is such a good idea.

If the parents are big fans of The Walking Dead, then that means every new episode will be automatically moved to the top of the list, making it extremely easy for a child to just click on it. Children are creatures of habit, if their show has been the top of the list for the last 3 days, then odds are that they won’t pay much attention when they load up Hulu and they will just click on the first item.

Before Netflix created profiles all of our favorites were on one list, but that order rarely changed and it was only because you changed it, or Netflix pulled something off. I had it configured so that all the childrens programming was on front of the list and that is as far as my son ever got. Now that they have profiles, there is one configured just for him and I don’t need to worry about him accidentally clicking on The Walking Dead.

Hopefully, when Hulu is finished rolling out this latest upgrade to all of their systems, a profile or child lock type system will be the next on their list of upgrades.