5 Personal Tech Writers That Will Make You Smarter


Here at Digital Landing, we’re interested in helping you live the connected life, simplified. We hope to expose you to new products and ideas in the digital services industry, and we know that there are more and more new ideas coming down the pike every day.

Top 5 Personal Tech Writers

We decided to share with you our five favorite personal tech writers because we know they can help you keep up with this ever-changing digital landscape we live in.

Damon Beres, Huffington Post | @DLBeres

Beres happens to be an associate editor at HuffPo, and he writes pretty regularly in the tech innovations category. Specifically, Beres touches on some great gadgets, new apps, with some gaming and social media pieces, as well.

Most of his articles have accompanying videos, and they’re always a solid bet to be shared a bunch in the social media world. While he shares plenty of interesting news tidbits, he’s not afraid to offer up some opinion.

David Pogue, Yahoo! Tech | @Pogue

Pogue was a personal technology columnist for the New York Times for 13 years before he eventually founded Yahoo! Tech. He has been host on PBS’s “NOVA” and other science shows, as well as a correspondent for “CBS Sunday Morning” for over 12 years. He’s also a columnist for Scientific American, and he has written several best-sellers, including seven books in the “For Dummies” series.

Daniel Nations, iPad.About.com | @DanielNations

I love the new redesign of the About.com expert websites, and if you haven’t checked them out recently — give them a look! Daniel does an excellent job of keeping you up to date with all of the different things you could be doing with your iPad.

Geoffrey Fowler, WallStreetJournal.com | @GeoffreyFowler

Fowler touches on home automation, social media, smartphones and even some home security in his “Personal Technology” column on WSJ. He has been writing for them since 2001.

Mike Aguilar, DigitalLanding..com | @RiverMikeRat

Obviously, we’d be remiss to not mention one of our own best personal tech writers, as Mike has been our most prolific writer since this website changed to its current format in 2012. He’s a former Cable TV installer and has insights on the Cable TV, High Speed Internet and Home Security industries.

He only writes about things he has personal and direct experience with. Mike is a licensed electrician, network technician, and certified installer of low voltage electrical systems. If Mike is writing about it, chances are he’s used or installed it professionally.

Hopefully, this list of the best tech writers in the industry will give you some more exposure to articles that help you stay connected with the digital world. There’s nothing worse than feeling like technology is passing you by and you’re not paying enough attention to stay up with it. Well, now, that’s a feeling you won’t ever feel again!