5 New Smart Home Products You Should Know About


Smart home products are all the rage these days. You can buy whole systems with all the bells and whistles, systems with just the basics, and systems that let you mix and match components and capabilities. There are also numerous items and devices out there that have taken the old axiom about doing only one thing and doing it very well to heart. For example, there’s Tapt, a smart light switch. Tripper door and window sensors are great at giving you enhanced peace of mind, and the Mongoose turns your phone into a garage door opener.

Be Aware of These Smart Home Products

1. Tapt Tops My List of New Smart Home Products

Tapt is a push button/touch-operated light switch that maintains the simplicity of a light switch, yet integrates into a complete home automation system easily. You can set Tapt up to interact with either standard light bulbs or smart bulbs, making it even easier to save money on your energy bill. You can even set the switch up to interact with your smart home/home security system so the tapping of one switch turns everything off and secures the house for the night. Cost is about sixty bucks and installation is easy and straightforward.

2. Tripper Trips an Alarm When Triggered

Quirky also makes the Tripper Switch. Tripper is a door or window switch that alerts you when the door or window being protected is violated. Stick one on your refrigerator to help you stick with your diet. Family of Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients can use them to alert you when your loved one has gone outside.

Tripper is another add-on to the Wink Hub and Relay network linked above. You get a two-pack of switches and sensors for about fifty bucks. You can put a Tripper on your garage door and connect it to the Wink Hub network in your house. You can configure the Wink system to turn on lights and the TV (and A/C or heater as needed.) when you come home.

3. The Mongoose Wireless Garage Door Opener from BLE Home

This is one that after going to the parent company’s homepage, I basically stirred the pot and picked something about which to write. I decided to focus on the Mongoose Bluetooth Garage Door Opener. This is a little box about the size of a pack of card that, when connected to the switch terminals on your existing garage door opener and properly paired, will turn your i-Device into a garage door remote.

The box can either be battery-powered or get power from an outlet. When battery-powered, the app will let you know when to replace the batteries. Regular price is also right at sixty bucks. You can also check device access logs and have the system email you when activated. It’s a great way of keeping track of who is opening and closing your garage door and when.

4. A Smart Shower Head Ends This List of Smart Home Products

As anyone on the West Coast of the United States can tell you, monitoring water usage is a great way to save money. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone hit the smart home products market with a smart, connected showerhead. Eva is that connected showerhead. Sensors monitor water consumption and temperature as well as your location. Wait, my location? Yeah. Eva’s water flow follows you. Here’s how it works.

Your water heater is on the other side of the house from the bathroom, so you have to get the water going for a few minutes to get it warm. Eva’s temperature sensors and valve controller will note when your pre-programmed desired temperature is reached and shut the water flow off. This saves water and whatever energy is used to heat water. There’s also a timer that lets you know you’re being a water hog.

5. Pool Owners Meet Lilypad

When I was growing up we had a pool in the backyard. I remember that one of the major pains in the butt was monitoring the temperature. Lilypad is something that would have been awesome to have back then. It sits on the water and continually monitors the water temperature, sending a signal to the paired mobile app.

However, that’s not all Lilypad does. The app is really smart and lets you input information regarding your skin tone and type and Lilypad will monitor the sun’s intensity for you. If your exposure to ultraviolet radiation exceeds a certain limit, Lilypad and the app will let you know you need more sunscreen. It’s one of our favorite new smart home products.