5 New Entrants in Wireless Audio Tech


As the wireless audio world heats up, more players are entering and some fascinating new tech has emerged. Take a look at the latest products and see if you’re ready for new wireless audio tech.

Pay Attention to Wireless Tech Audio

These units are great at helping you keep your audio connected wirelessly throughout your house.

Sharp High Res Audio

Sharp has announced the SD-W1000H Wireless High Resolution Audio Player, and behind that lengthy name is a 7.1 channel uncompressed audio transference system. It uses specific frequency band separate from Wi-Fi systems, so your Wi-Fi won’t create interference in the sound. Essentially, this lets you set up a full surround sound system without messing around with annoying wires, but with great fidelity when it comes to faithful sound reproduction.

The system can read pretty much anything, from common media file formats to CDs and Blu-rays. It can also stream music from connected computers or mobile devices, and offers both iOS and Android apps for remote control. This makes the system amazing for a complete wireless setup for your entertainment center…but it comes at a high price. The system costs a neat $4,999, and the Bridge device for managing wireless speakers costs another $999. This is for serious audio and wireless fans.

Samsung Shape with Spotify Connect

The Samsung Shape wireless audio tech devices have been around for a while, actually. They use angular speakers that you can set up on any handy shelf and stream music toward (the speakers go by names like M7 and M5, depending on models), as well as sound bars and Blu-ray players that can work wirelessly. This makes the Shape system adaptable to everything from a dorm room to a kitchen, but what puts these devices on the new list is the latest compatibility with Spotify Connect.

Spotify is that popular music streaming service, a bit like Pandora but with more on-demand song features and therefore a fast growth rate in recent years: With Spotify Connect, you can use your Spotify app to stream songs from your favorite artists right to Shape speakers. If you’re a Spotify fan, this is a great reason to reconsider Shape. If you like Pandora or Rhapsody, don’t fret – Shape has supported those services from the beginning.


OwnPhones are Bluetooth earbuds that can transmit sound wirelessly, which is not exactly a new concept. What makes this Kickstarter project interesting is that they are made via 3D printers to specifically fit your ear. Stay with us: You upload a quick video of your ears, the video is scanned and turned into 3D data of your ear shape, and that data is used to print out the earbuds that will, ideally fit you perfectly. OwnPhones has $40,000 more than its Kickstarter asked for, so sign up and see when these wireless buds will be available.

Fine Sound Group and Play-Fi

Fine Sound Group has now teamed with the company DTS, which is responsible for the Play-Fi platform that focuses on wireless surround sound and multi-speaker set-ups. This means that you will be able to set up wireless speakers with three brands of the Fine Sound Group, specifically the McIntosh, Wadia, and Sonus Faber brands. If you haven’t heard of these three audio brands, they are ultra-high class European sound systems that marry the latest in audio fidelity with classic, often hand-crafted designs that tend to use sleek shapes and rich wood exteriors. In other words, these are some very expensive options for the most elite systems, but if you’ve been waiting to invest in an ultimate sound system with wireless audio tech, check out these brands.

Panasonic Bluetooth Streaming for TVs

Alright, suppose you don’t care much about streaming music to speakers around your house – what you really want is a simple way to hook up a few speakers to your TV. If you’re a Panasonic fan, this just got a lot easier: Panasonic has teamed up with CSR to use the aptX audio codec for Bluetooth speakers. The capability will come to Viera TVs and provide more sound fidelity than the average Bluetooth can muster. The very handy thing about this deal is that it will affect all compatible Bluetooth devices, from headphones to other speakers not associated with the Panasonic brand, giving you a lot of different options for set-up.

Photo Credit: HiFi House Group