5 Netflix TV Shows Every Woman Should Watch

Netflix TV Shows for Women

Women aren’t always in the mood for gang busts, violence and car chases. Sometimes, we just want fun, fashion and feel-good escapism. We’re women after all — we deal with more than you know — and we need our recreational downtime. That’s where Netflix comes in — where for $7.99 per month, you can virtually watch limitless TV show options. It’s entertainment heaven at the touch of your remote.

Netflix TV Shows Women Love

So here it is, my top five TV Shows of all time, now at your beck and call on Netflix:

Desperate Housewives - Netflix TV Shows

“Desperate Housewives”

Regardless of what the name implies, these housewives are not desperate. They are fabulous. When you look like Eva Longoria and you live on Wisteria Lane in a supersized mansion with a perfectly manicured lawn and a pristine white picket fence, what’s there to be desperate about?

That said, when you add relationships into the picture and an involved storyline, reality trickles into their fairy-tale lives and the result is two-fold — identifiable and irresistible.

You can now enjoy all eight seasons (180 episodes) of “Desperate Housewives” on Netflix and lose yourself in the world of the fortunate and the fanatical.

30 Rock - Great Shows on Netflix
Tina Fey’s “30 Rock” won the Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

“30 Rock”

I think it’s fair to proclaim Tina Fey as a role model for women — in life and in 30 Rock. With books like Lois P. Frankel’s Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office ranking on the bestseller list, it’s clear that we are still seeking girl-power in a previously male-dominated business world.

That’s why “30 Rock” is so fantastic, at least why I think it is. It’s like watching Fey’s character act on behalf of all women, as she strives to make her point and balance her career and social life amidst a largely male cast.

It’s no surprise that “30 Rock” was the series favorite at this year’s Emmy Awards. You can now find over 120 episodes on Netflix.



She’s no Tina Fey but Dr. Elliot Reid represents the vulnerable side of us. Sarah Chalke plays a woman unleashed in a work overload crisis who, on top of it all, is looking for love. Who isn’t? We’ve all lived in her shoes. Her girlish struggles, naivety and general disillusionment with life and relationships strikes a chord in us that we can only laugh at.

“Scrubs” breaks the boundaries, both in terms of traditional film techniques and gender stereotypes. Expect interesting angles, fast forwarding and unusual camera angles. Then chuckle as Dr. Reid’s Bridget Jones-type personality strongly contrasts with the characters played by Judy Reyes and Krista Miller, who very clearly wear the pants in their relationships.

Of course, there is also the infamous male janitor who, physically towering over everyone else should command natural presence, yet he’s virtually invisible. That’s “Scrubs” in a nutshell, only without giving due justice to its unconventional humor. Don’t miss the 182 hilarious episodes available for streaming on Netflix.

Frasier - Netflix TV Shows


I know what you’re thinking — this series centers on the lives of two psychologist brothers — why would women watch it? The answer is simple. These mature doctors are rigid, traditional and chauvinist, yet they still seek validity and affection, just as we do.

It’s a relief, really, to watch the males of the world experience our same yearnings.

Plus, Frasier’s classic, sophisticated humor is a nice break from the contemporary slapstick we’re often subjected too. That’s right — we crave stimulation as much as we do escape.

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians”

Keeping Up With The Kardashians - Netflix TV ShowsWe’re aware of the controversies and strong opinions, but we can’t resist being voyeurs into the luxury lives of the Kardashian family.

We love the glamour, the clothes and the confidence that the women of this household exude. Plus, as famous as their parents are, these girls are entrepreneurs and successful ones at that. They are as inspiring as they are frivolous.

“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is always a safe bet for “reality” entertainment. If you haven’t already watched the four seasons available on Netflix, now’s a great time to start!

The myth isn’t wholly truewe don’t spend every evening in pink satin pajamas eating right out of the ice-cream tub as we lose ourselves in the lives of our favorite TV Show characters. It is true, though, that we do enjoy escapism and, rather than the action packed shows most of our male counterparts are watching, we live for the feel-good and the fabulous. Well, maybe not all women, but at least a lot of us do!