5 Mother’s Day Movies for Moms


“M” is for Mom. It’s also for movies. Combining the two for “movies for moms” seems only natural, especially when you’re lavishing love and adoration on your mom this Mother’s Day. While she’s having a well-deserved lie-in, savoring the delicious breakfast in bed you’ve prepared her, or carelessly lounging around by the pool, while you sizzle her a sumptuous steak on the barbecue, download these movies for her.

5 Movies for Moms

There are plenty of movies for moms now available for streaming and on-demand rental that she might enjoy.

Philomena (2013)

One reason we celebrate our moms is for all the sacrifices they make to try to give us a good life. Though, it’s not always a voluntary decision — especially for a teenage girl in the Catholic Ireland of the 1950s. Relinquishing the very honorific “mum” to someone else is arguably the greatest sacrifice a living mother can make. The eponymous Philomena Lee is just such mother.

The accidental pregnancy of the teenaged Lee results not only in the birth of her beloved son, Anthony, but also her indentured servitude to the infamous Magdalene Laundry operations of the Irish Catholic Church. When Anthony is sold off to the highest American bidder, Philomena spends her life pining for him.

Decades later, Lee (played by Dame Judi Dench) confesses the secret she has kept hidden all these years, even from her own family. A serendipitous introduction to newly sacked journalist Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan), who is looking for a paying gig writing a “human interest” feature, allows Philomena to complete her lifelong quest to be reunited with her son. The film is at times heartbreaking, other times hilarious, and Judi Dench is captivating as always. Available via VUDU, Amazon Prime, and On Demand.

Gloria (2013)

If your mother is “of a certain age” she may identify with Gloria, a beautiful Chilean woman who finds herself with a little more freedom than she would like, now that she and her husband have split and her children left home years ago. To compensate, Gloria spends her time circulating among the local singles scene looking for love, but mostly finding disappointment. Then she meets Rodolfo, a retired naval officer who sweeps her off her feet. But just as Gloria starts to envision a future with her new beau, she gets a hard-hitting reality check about their relationship. Watch on VUDU or On Demand.

Labor Day (2013)

A real-life mother of three, Kate Winslet is often regarded as the Meryl Streep of her generation for the way she completely immerses herself into even the most challenging of roles.

In Labor Day her emotionally damaged Adele, mother of Henry, falls in love with Josh Brolin’s Frank Chambers. Despite having accidentally killed his wife and deliberately imposed himself into Adele and Henry’s quiet life, Frank turns out to be a big ol’ softy with a penchant for peach pie. After a quick re-eanactment of the pottery wheel scene from Ghost using a rolling pin and some dough, the couple decide to pick up stakes, including Henry and all the money in Adele’s bank account, Then they head to the Great White North to make a fresh start. The only problem is that tiny little detail of Frank being a wanted fugitive. Available through Amazon Prime and On Demand.

The Guilt Trip (2012)

Movies for moms also come from the lighter side, so maybe your mom would like to take a cross-country road trip with Andy and his mother Joyce, in “Guilt Trip.” The unlikely pairing of Seth Rogen as a responsible sales agent on a pitch meeting tour, with perennial icon Barbra Streisand as the classic “Jewish mother”, seems like a train wreck waiting to happen. In fact, under the capable helmsmanship of Anne Fletcher, the duo offer a solid, original take on the road-trip comedy. Watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime or On Demand.

The Hot Flashes (2013)

Another quirky little comedy Mum might appreciate is The Hot Flashes. Brooke Shields rounds up her old high school basketball teammates in order to challenge the current state champs to a tournament fundraiser for breast cancer. Hilarity, along with a bit of heart-tugging, ensues. Available on Netflix.

Hopefully, there are one or two movies for moms in this list that you think you’re mom would love. And don’t forget to pop the popcorn for her! She has 364 days before she gets this kind of attention again!