5 Rear View Cameras You Should Check Out

Rear View Cameras

Many times, when you are trying to reverse your car and you just can’t see what’s going on behind, your vehicle has some bad blind spots. Or you find out too late that there was a bike laying in the driveway that you just couldn’t see, because it was laying down. This is where a rear view camera comes in handy. Rear view cameras for cars are a fairly new thing on the market so they can still be a little pricey, but if you really want to be able to see what is behind you, then a rear view camera is definitely something you should be thinking about.

Rear view cameras can be fitted onto a variety of places, though the most common mounting location is at the license plate, allowing you to see the ground and also the plate of the car behind you if they tailgate or rear end you. It is important to get a camera that is going to fit to your car, after all, if the camera doesn’t fit, it is likely to fall off and then you will lose a lot of hard earned money.

What to Look for in a Rear View Camera

  • Video Quality – You want a clear picture, not some something fuzzy and unidentifiable.
  • Weather Resistance – If it can’t take the rain and snow, it won’t last very long in most climates.
  • Durability – Stuff is constantly thrown up on the roads, if the first pebble or hard bump is going to disable the camera, then it’s not very good for you.
  • Viewing Angle – You need a viewing angle that is wide enough to let you clearly see everything in the vicinity as you back up.

5 Great Rear View Cameras

Pyle PLCM18SC License Plate Mount Rear View Backup Color Camera with Distance Scale Line (Zinc Metal Chrome)

A nice basic camera with no bells and whistles. You can’t really go wrong with this one. Its wireless system makes it one of the easiest to set up. It comes with a full color wireless monitor and auto adjustment that allows you to easily see what’s behind you in all lighting conditions.

This camera will project distancing lines onto your monitor so you will be able to see with ease how far away you are from things.


Rear View Safety 7″ LCD Color Backup Camera System with Audio

A large viewing screen with crystal clear quality make this camera well worth the money. The monitor is also equipped with speakers, which allow you to hear what is going on behind your vehicle. The camera comes equipped with day and night vision. An added feature of this camera is the ability to hook up to a DVD-R, so you can record what your camera sees.

Boyo VTL425 Ultra Slim Black Bar Type License Plate Camera

The quality of the picture that this camera produces is amazing. This camera is extremely small and compact, so it fits to your license plate in such a way that it will not obscure anything.

It also has an adjustable viewing angle, so you can always see where you are going.



An extremely wide viewing angle, of 150 degrees, that lets you see everything around you. This camera is fully adjustable, so you can easily set it to view the exact place you want.

It provides you with a crystal clear image at all times in daylight and low light conditions.

Innovatek CAM-09 Chrome Licence Plate Cover Waterproof Wide Angle Car Backup Rear View Color Camera with Night Vision

This camera is simple, but it has all the basics that you need: A clear picture, night vision and a wide-viewing angle. The camera is built right in to the license-plate holder, so all you need to do is swap the holder out. The viewing angle is a nice wide 170 degrees making it one of the widest on the market. As one of the lower priced cameras this might be the best value for your money.


These are not even a fraction of the cameras currently available on the market, it is just a nice overview of what I think are some of the best on the market. Rear view cameras are a wonderful safety device for you and others. They also help you protect your property.

They will let you know that the kid left his bike in the way, so that you don’t ruin it — or your vehicle. Unfortunately, they won’t stop him from doing it again. Maybe that is the next device they will come up with to make our lives a little easier.

Meanwhile, use one a rear view cameras to keep danger away from your car as you back up!

Photo credit: N0fX via photopin cc