5 Great iPad Games Everyone Should Play


There are a lot of great iPad games out there, some you pay for and some you don’t. Some games appear to be free, but once you are in them you find that you need to make a lot of in-app purchases to play them. Then there are the games that you thought would be awesome and instead turned out to be a waste of time and money. Downloading some of these games can take forever, some of them eat your download limits, others just eat your money.

Well, instead of wasting your time, money and limits downloading games that you end up intensely disliking, we thought we’d help you choose your next addiction by listing five of our favorite iPad games.

5 Great iPad Games For Everyone

The best part is that one of these games is free! But all of them are worth playing — and paying for.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Great iPad games - Angry Birds 2Cost: $0.99

This is yet another of the Angry Birds series. After so many you would think that they would just be rehashing the same old things, but once again they have managed to step up to the plate and deliver something new. The storyline (like the rest) is relatively weak, but it is based off of the Star Wars prequel movies, and it gives us new scenery and new characters. (Angry Birds Star Wars was based on the original “Star Wars” movies, with Lyke Skywalker and Princess Leia.)

What really makes this game stand out is the fact that you can play for the Light Side (Birds) or the Pork Side (Piggies), giving you the opportunity to see things from the other side. It gives an interesting twist to an already fun game. If you have children that collect the figures, you can also import them via the “Telepod” feature into the game.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Cost: Free

This collectible card game is based on the original hit from Blizzard. The game may be free, but you could easily spend money on the in-app purchases to improve your game play. The true beauty of this game is that you really don’t need to spend money — justplay in a few matches and you will find some nice extras floating your way.

Smooth game play and easy interaction make this an addictive game that will quickly eat into what little free time you have. Even those that don’t normally play card games are finding themselves drawn into it.

FTL: Faster Than Light

Great iPad Games - FTLCost: $9.99

This game existed on the PC long before it made its way onto the iPad. It’s good on the PC, but on the iPad, it is even better. This is a space game all about exploration and combat. It’s a strategy game that involves resource management You have to keep your ship functioning while fighting off intruders in real-time.

The first few times, you will find yourself quickly dying, but once you get the hang of it, you will find that hours just disappear.

Wayward Souls

Cost: $4.99

A classic dungeon crawler with various class characters that you can unlock. It has a similar feeling to the old “Rogue” that some of you may remember playing back in the ’80s when dial-up was the norm. It’s a randomly generated perma-death dungeon where you fight creatures and find items to improve your character. Nothing beats going old school with a modern kick.

Hitman: GO

Cost: $4.99

A puzzle game that resembles an old board game with an interesting twist. You are a hitman who is literally “taking someone off the board.” It is turn-based with simple rules — you need to kill the target. As levels increase, so does the difficulty. However, you also get things such as disguises and weapons to let you make it across the board. To me it plays like a cross between a board game, an older version of “Thief” and a card game. It’s simple to play, but not simple to win. It’s all about the strategy.

This is only a small sampling of some of the great iPad games that are currently available, unfortunately you sometimes have to sort through the bad ones to find the true gems. What are some of your favorite iPad games?