5 Features on Vivint Home Security You Didn’t Know About


Vivint is a company known for their Home Security and Home Automation products. Originally formed as APX Alarm Security Solutions in 1999, the company rebranded itself as Vivint in 2011 when it began offering HA solutions in addition to security systems. The company continues to garner awards for its innovative solutions and quality customer service, including the CE Pro magazine Best Award in 2014 for their SkyControl panel product.

Considering the company’s genesis as an alarm and security business, it stands to reason that a Vivint Home Security solution offers you a great option for securing and automating your digital smart home. With that in mind, here are five Vivint features worthy of further exploration.

Completely Wireless: Vivint Home Security Solution

Unlike many traditional security companies competing in the growing Home Automation space, Vivint provides a completely wireless Home Security solution, using the industry standard Z-Wave protocol. This saves money on installation costs, and also makes it easier to transfer the service to a new address if you ever decide to move. While most DIY Home Automation solutions are also wireless, Vivint includes a full professional security setup with 24/7 live monitoring which generally isn’t an option when piecing together a system by yourself.

Like other similar HA systems, Vivint connects to your wireless Internet router which facilitates device control using either the Vivint SkyControl touchscreen panel or an app on your smartphone or tablet.

The Award-Winning SkyControl Panel is a Standard Feature of Every Vivint Installation

The very cool SkyControl panel comes standard with any Vivint Home Security installation. As mentioned earlier, the panel won CE Pro magazine’s Best Award last year. It features a 7-inch touchscreen capable of video playback with a 24-bit color resolution. There is also a two-way combination speaker and microphone that handles communication with the Vivint security professionals responsible for monitoring your residence.

You are able to manage your entire Home Security setup using the SkyControl panel as well as the Vivint mobile app available for both the iOS and Android platforms. The mobile app is designed to mimic the user interface of the panel, so you won’t need to learn two different applications. By simply tapping “Devices” you are able to see every device on your system and control them all.

A Robust Number of Devices is Included in Every Vivint Home Security Package

While some Home Security starter kits only include two or three devices, that isn’t the case with Vivint. The base package includes a smoke detector, multiple door and windor sensors, a motion detector, a key fob, and a yard sign to ward off potential burglars. A glass breakage sensor, a carbon monoxide detector, and a flood sensor are among the available optional equipment.

Easily Upgrade to a Full Home Automation and Security Solution

Vivint also offers an easy upgrade path to a full smart home with Home Automation functionality. These additional devices include HD video cameras, remote garage door openers, smart appliance plugs, smart thermostats, and more. If you choose the full Vivint “Smart Complete” package, you’ll even get the “Space Monkey”, offering 1TB of storage for your media files on a local hard drive with automatic backup to the Cloud.

Vivint Allows You to Manage Your Home Energy Usage and Go Solar

If you are interested in better managing your home’s energy usage, Vivint offers energy management solutions as part of their Home Automation and Security systems, including solar panel installation. This gives you the potential for saving 20 to 30 percent on a typical electricity bill. So if you truly want a 21st Digital Smart Home, this may be an option you need to check out.

When searching for an industry-leading Home Security solution with state of the art features, look no further than a vendor that also offers you the option to add solar power to your house or a full range of Home Automation functionality. Make it a point to add Vivint to your list of potential Home Security vendors.