5 FAQ About DISH Network Internet, dishNet

5 FAQ About Dish Network Internet, dishNET

Satellite Internet has always been an excellent alternative for those in rural areas. Dish Network Internet traditionally gave them an alternative that was faster than dial-up.

Now with DISH Network’s satellite broadband service, dishNET, you can now get speeds up to 3x faster than DSL. It’s no longer just an option for those in rural areas.

DISH Network Internet FAQ

With all the questions and rumors revolving about Satellite Internet, it is probably worth the time for you to read up on a few facts about it.

Is there a big difference between Dish Network Internet and cable Internet?

In terms of performance, Satellite Internet has a tendency to be more reliable, and it is more widely available. While it does depend on the service you’ve ordered, Satellite Internet usually has faster download speeds for a comparable or lower monthly rate.

Numerous companies have satellites orbiting the earth, approximately 20,000 miles above the equator, where interference is a non-issue. These satellites act as a bridge between your computer and your Internet service, using a dish, generally no bigger than one meter wide, on your roof. The dish is then connected to a modem, which in turn connects to your computer. This enables you to enjoy all the benefits of High Speed Internet at a rate that is comparable, if not lower than your standard cable Internet.

How much does dishNET cost and how fast is it?

While it depends on the provider, the quickest dishNET services have download speeds between 1.5 Mbps and a little over 5 Mbps. These services are generally in the range of $100 per month. Again, it depends on the provider, though download speeds generally correlate with monthly fees.

What is FAP? Why is it in place and how will it affect my service?

FAP is an acronym meaning “Fair Access Policy,” which puts a limit on your bandwidth speed. FAP may sound like a restriction, but it is really more of a preventative measure, which ensures that your Internet service never slows down. FAP means that no single user can consume an excessive amount of bandwidth, which would slow down service for other users. This allows for fair distribution of the bandwidth across the entire network.

It is rare that a user would go over their permitted bandwidth, as it is set higher than what the average person would require. If you do run over your permitted bandwidth, your Internet is not “cut off,” it is merely throttled back. Your download speeds will be reduced to your “recovery rate” until more bandwidth becomes available for users. Once the bandwidth consumption has evened out, you will return to your normal speed and once again enjoy fast download speeds.

Different plans have different limits caps, so be sure to ask about them when you sign up.

FAQ About Dish Network Internet RV
Many people that drive RVs and campers across the country use dishNet and other satellite services to get Internet service. Photo Credit: TampaRVRentals

Is Satellite Internet widely available?

While it depends on where you are located, most users in the United States should have unlimited access to Satellite Internet. The only limitations would depend upon on their FAP agreement. Satellite Internet is also available in most parts of Canada and Mexico.

This easy availability makes Satellite Internet especially desirable for people with RVs, as a dish can be attached to the roof. The dish can then track the satellite service while mobile, enabling them to acquire High Speed Internet wherever they are.

Some traveling businessmen even have smaller portable satellite dishes they attach their cars, which grants them mobile Internet access for work.

Why should I use Dish Network Internet over other Internet options?

While the Internet can be accessed from any number of wireless hotspots across North America, there are still many areas where hotspots are not available. There are also many places where wireless or cellular Internet access is hard to come by. There are some areas in which DSL and cable Internet are still not available, and people are forced to resort to the archaic speeds of a dial-up modem. Many of these “dead zones” are accessible by satellite reception, connecting you to the world once again.

Dish Network Internet is available as long as you can see the southern horizon. Additionally, Satellite Internet eliminates the need for dial-up, allowing you to chat on your LAN line while you surf.

Satellite Internet isn’t new, but the versatility and speed of dishNET is. Satellite Internet is no longer a thing of sci-fi movies or something that is only useful to spies and hermits, it’s high speed connections are available to you, today. Check out the availability in your area and look for some deals.

Photo Credit: Zachary Rupert