5 EarthLink Webmail Features Worth Using

Earthlink Webmail

EarthLink is an Internet Services company specializing in low-cost connections for Americans that would rather save money than pay for expensive data plans. EarthLink has around 1 million individual consumers, with most of them using High Speed Internet Broadband connections. The business also offers VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony services for small businesses and, of course, webmail.

EarthLink Webmail is simple a way to access your EarthLink email account online, through a portal that EarthLink manages rather than an independent email program. Google does much the same thing with Gmail, but the two services are quite different. You must have a paid EarthLink Internet connection to access its Webmail, and with access you gain the ability to customize your Webmail depending on how you use it.

Here are several features that many busy customers forget about. These are actually handy tools that EarthLink includes to make your email experience better.

1. Mobile Webmail

Webmail isn’t very useful if you cannot access it on the go, which means you need apps for checking up on your email. EarthLink Webmail offers email apps for Apple, Blackberry, and Android phones. Setup is easy: Visit the EarthLink Mobile Email page and choose what type of phone you have. Then move quickly through the instructions screen. This typically has you locate the email app on your mobile device and plug in your Webmail information, so looking at email on your phone automatically brings up the EarthLink account.

If you already have another email account linked to your phone, but still want to look up EarthLink email on the go, just visit the Webmail page through your phone browser and type in your password, as you would from a normal computer.

2. Email Customization

Changing font settings is easy for nearly any email account. EarthLink takes the extra step and lets you customize your font settings and save your preferences through a basic “Save” icon on the toolbar. After you save a look, every time you start a new email in Webmail, that look will be used. This makes it very easy to personalize your messages no matter how you want to be portrayed. You can change the size, style, color, and any italics or bold choices you have made, allowing for a broad range of personal or professional customization based on how you prefer to use Webmail.

3. Eight Separate Email Accounts

The “eight separate accounts” service is standard when using EarthLink. While most Internet Service Providers give you access to at least a few free accounts, eight accounts is a high number and allows for some exciting Internet tactics. If you have a large family, you can distribute these emails freely to encourage both parental control and a proper amount of privacy.

On the other hand, if you have a business, you can set up different accounts for home and business, or for different business clients altogether. If you are plagued with spam, consider using only one email account to shop with — or maybe one dedicated solely to blogging. The scenarios are endlessly adaptable.

4. Whitelisting

Whitelisting lets you choose specific email addresses that are allowed through to your email account. Most other emails are automatically blacklisted and sent to a spam filter. This gives you excellent control over your email account and helps you deal firmly with cluttering advertisements and updates that you do not want. Many people put their family and friends on a whitelist to help narrow their email focus.

If this iron control is a little too strict for you, EarthLink Webmail also allows you to customize your spam filter, choosing between suspect email blocking and known spam blocking. “Suspect email blocking” blocks everything that does not match emails in your Address Book. Known spam blocking is more lenient, blocking only obvious spam. You can also turn off your spam filter entirely.

5. Increasing Email Storage

Most Internet Service Providers allow you a set amount of storage for your emails. EarthLink tackles this subject with a unique feature. It starts your data limit at a low 100MB per email address (Gmail, for example, offers 1GB). Then you can choose to customize your account by adding between 500MB and 3GB of data per email address, which cost between $2 and $5. If paying that much for more data space does not sound like fun, you can use the cleaner tool to wipe away older emails and free up some of your old space. You can also choose to add more email addresses if your eight are not enough.

Photo Source: Flickr – BenGrey