5 Best Apps for Weddings to Make Planning Easier

5 Best Apps for Weddings

Since ancient times, June has historically been the month considered most auspicious for weddings. While many modern couples are abandoning this tradition and now get married at any time of the year, one thing that hasn’t changed over the centuries is that planning the perfect wedding can be quite a time consuming, and difficult task, until now. Now, there are apps for weddings that make planning the perfect wedding easy and fun.

5 Best Apps for Weddings

There are literally hundreds of sites and wedding planning apps that can help brides and grooms with all the details of their special day. But making a decision and selecting the best wedding apps from all of these choices is almost as difficult as planning the wedding itself. So we do the work for you with this list of the top five!

Wedding Wire -- Best Wedding Apps

Wedding Wire

Don’t have time to keep up with details and updates from dozens of wedding apps? There’s no need to, as this one wedding planning app almost does it all, allowing couples to easily plan for nearly every wedding detail, and the best part? It’s also free!

This app is available for desktops, Android, iPhone and tablets. Couples can create their own personalized wedding site, with access to several helpful wedding tools. The app allows users to find local vendors for every wedding aspect, including finding vendors and making arrangements for wedding flowers, catering, bridal dresses, hairstylists, travel and accommodations, venues for the wedding and reception, cakes, wedding invitations, music, officiants and more!

The site also allows users to track, order from, and pay all of their vendors, as well as record contracts, as well as manage their wedding and honeymoon budgets, from one easy location.

Users can also automatically track guests’ RSVPs, plan and manage the seating arrangements for their guests, record the gifts that have been received, ensure that they are staying on track and not forgetting anything through an easy-to-use master checklist.

You can even find inspiration and record wedding planning ideas on your inspiration board! Users can also use the apps’ forums and solicit and receive wedding planning advice and feedback from thousands of other couples. This one app literally takes all the work out of planning nearly every detail of the perfect wedding, so that all the bride, groom and guests need to do is show up and celebrate.

Wedding Party

This app is indispensable for visually recording every important moment from a couple’s engagement and wedding and making it easy for couples to share those moments with their family and friends.

The app allows couples and their guests to record all of their photos and videos in one place, and, like Wedding Wire, it’s free and compatible with desktops as well as has mobile versions for Android, iPhone and tablet devices.

The app allows couples to create multiple albums, so that every aspect of the wedding can be recorded and shared, from the engagement, bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as the reception, honeymoon and wedding event itself.

Couples can upload and share their professional wedding photos, as well as have a record of all the special secret moments that their friends and family capture during the wedding events. The app helps guests get to know one another better before the wedding day, as they can share stories about the couple, as well as personal details with one another.

People can also be reminded of the time and location of the wedding, as well as be kept up to date and on track with a schedule of the wedding and related events, so that no one misses out on any of the fun and excitement.

Wedding Lookbook by the Knot

Wedding Lookbook by the Knot -- Best Wedding AppsThis iPhone app is a companion app to the popular online wedding planner, The Knot. What is great about this free app is that it allows brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride to look at the latest bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses and mother-of-the-bride dresses from thousands of top designers.

Users can search by shape, designer, price range and style, then bookmark their top picks and can easily find the nearest bridal shops that have their favorites in stock, so that they can quickly find the perfect dress. You can also take and upload pictures as you try on various dresses and share them with friends to get their input and advice on which bridal gown looks best.

Wedding Registry

“Variety is the spice of life!” This old saying is especially true when it comes to choosing the furnishings and essential gadgets that a couple needs as they move forward in their journey together. One size and one store simply cannot meet every want and need — but who has the time to keep up with wish lists and wedding registries from dozens of vendors?

Well, couples and their family and friends no longer have to with this easy to use app. This app is also available for desktops, Android, iPhone and Tablet devices, and it allows users to scan a bar code or picture from any store or other vendor anywhere and upload it to the registry. They can then share it so that friends and family know exactly what the wedding couple needs.

Users can also add items from any website and leave comments on their entries, such as what color or number of an item the couple needs, and the registry automatically separates items into categories, as well as automatically updates the list as items are purchased.


Gain inspiration and ideas about every detail of a perfect wedding from all the colorful boards and pins.

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