4 Ways to Make Cable Installation Easier

Cable Installation Technician - Photo by Old Shoe Woman

Hi, my name is Mike. I’m a cable installation technician. Some installs go more smoothly than others because the customers have planned ahead. There’s no way that either you or I can make allowances for everything that can happen when I come to install your Cable TV service, but there are some steps you can take to address the more common issues.

Not only does it make my job easier, but it will get your Cable TV hooked up quicker and life will be much better!

Easy Cable Installation

1. Know Where You Want Everything

Nothing is worse for a cable installation technician than having to wait around for the customer to decide where they want their modem located or their two or three Cable TV drops. (A drop is where the Cable TV outlet is located, meaning where the TV plugs into the cable.)

Most of us are paid based upon the number of installs we complete and how complicated they are. Waiting around for you to decide what rooms you want everything in doesn’t add to the complication of an install, but it does add time. Only the amount of equipment and whether it’s a new install or a residence (home or apartment) with an existing connection to the main neighborhood feed.

We’ll be more than happy to help you move things around if that’s what’s needed to get you set up as quickly as possible. But, please — plan on this before we get there.

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2. Put Your Pets Where They Won’t Escape

Cable Installation Keep Your Pets SafeSome cable installation contractors require their installers to keep the front door open for safety. Sometimes you’ve ordered service options that will involve us making repeated trips to our truck. If you have pets, you know as well as I do that any time that door is open, there’s a chance they’ll try to escape.

If I’ve got my hands full of expensive equipment and tools, I don’t have an extra one to hold onto your pet with. For both of our sake’s, please put your pets somewhere they won’t get in the way or be able to bolt out the door. I recommend either a bathroom or the garage, if you have one. Just be sure to leave them some water and a little food.

3. Please Do a Little Cleaning

Cable Installation Dust Bunnies
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Those pesky dust bunnies like to congregate in close spaces where there isn’t much airflow, like behind the cabinet where your TV is located. Some cable installation technicians have allergies that those dust bunnies will play havoc with. Do us a small favor, please, and pull the TV cabinet out from the wall and run a vacuum through the area to get rid of them.

This also helps you, because most of us prefer to do the main TV first, and if you plan on having other rooms wired, we would prefer to not track the dust throughout the house. Wouldn’t you agree?

Along those same lines, if you live in a house, knowing where the utilities enter the house from the street and having the area around them clear and easily accessible. Sometimes this will be on the side of the house outside a gate (if any), while sometimes this will be just inside the gate. Move the pile of unwanted junk, garbage cans, and anything else piled or stacked up right where we have to work to install your Cable TV service.

4. Verify Your Payment Options

I’m not a bank. No, I won’t take your check and pay the cable company out of my pocket. Yes, I have had customers ask me to do this. “I’ll be ever so grateful if you can do this little thing to help me out because I wasn’t able to get to the bank.”

If you have to pay for the installation service, check with customer service when you order your service to see what payment options are available (check, cash, or money order) before I get there and have your payment ready. Many of us won’t wait around if you’re not ready with this. Our bosses require that we ask if payment is ready and to obtain the payment before we do any work if the Cable TV company requires payment upon installation of your cable service.

These are the most obvious things you can do to make your cable installation go as smoothly as possible. Yes, there are more, but those I’ve listed should help you figure out the rest. If you make sure these things are done, I guarantee I’ll have you up and watching your favorite TV shows, or surfing the Internet, within the shortest amount of time as possible. This will make both of us happy.

If you’re looking for Cable TV service in your area, check out the prices from providers where you live, and usually, cable installation is cheaper than you think.