4 Social Networks You Should Use

Intro to Social Networks
Social networks have become a main source of news for many people in the world. From Hollywood and politics, to your family and friends -- learn what's happening with everyone!

Social networks offer a virtual online community platform for people to meet, mingle and connect. As a popular web-based tool, people use social networks as a forum and meeting place to share stories, post comments and upload favorite photos.

Business social networking sites provide the ability to create personal profiles as a marketing tool by having the user post their work experience and skills to attract potential employers.

Chat with Friends and Share Favorite Photos

Imagine being able to create your own personal profile where you can upload some of your favorite photos for everyone to see. Social Networks You can post pictures of family members and friends, pets and you can even scan in some images from special events in your past, such as your wedding or graduation. Most social networks sites are free.

There are so many things that you can do when creating a profile on a social networking site. Each site has unique features and provides you with all the necessary tools and includes detailed instructions to help guide you. Creating a profile does not take too long and you will be surprised at how easy it can be.

A common feature that you find on social networking sites is an online form where you will need to fill in information about yourself. This will usually include contact information and you must also create a password to secure access to your profile so that only you can make changes to it.

How to Use Popular Social Networks

Social Networks - Facebook
There are more than 955 million users on Facebook, as of Sept., 2012.


One of the most popular social networking sites that many people are familiar with is Facebook. Here, you can create your own personal profile, including your favorite images and photos, to share with others. You can invite people to be your “friend” by sending them an invitation. Once a friend is officially invited, they can regularly visit your online Facebook profile to say “hello!” and post comments and share stories.

With Facebook you can choose your own settings and set levels of privacy so only those people who received invitations from you can drop in occasionally on your site to visit and chat. Facebook lets you post both text and links, so if you want to share something special with your friends it is very easy to do.

Facebook provides you with guided instructions on how to set up and create your account and the steps are quite simple to follow. Many companies use Facebook to market their products and services, so if you have a business product that you would like to promote, Facebook is a popular social networking site to consider.


Social Networks - Twitter
Twitter now has over 140 million users, and it continues to grow daily.

Twitter is a very popular social networking site for posting short messages. Have ever seen that common, familiar image on the Web that resembles a beautiful little bluebird? That’s the brand logo for Twitter. If you want to read the latest news and see what is happening in your area, check out Twitter! Interested people can create their own free profile, upload a photo of themselves and connect to friends and celebrities.

You can use Twitter to read about and follow ongoing conversations posted as a short string of comments (140 characters long) that called Tweets. When a popular news story catches the world’s attention, such as famous romances and Hollywood breakups, someone will likely Tweet about it on Twitter! From political uprisings to breaking news, there’s no better way to be in the know than to become a regular Twitter user. You don’t even have to “Tweet” (post messages), to see what everyone else has to say. As a matter of fact, two of out every five Twitter users are considered “lurkers,” which means they read posts, but don’t really post. So it’s a perfectly acceptable role.

Following news on Twitter has become easier from both a local and global perspective.


Social networks - Google-plus
Even though Google+ is considered the newest of the social networks, they still boast over 250 million registered users.

Google+ is another popular social networking site developed by Google. The platform for Google+ gives you a lot of options to get creative and add your own personal touch. If you like to post photos and videos, Google+ gives you a lot of room to paste larger size images.

The site provides many interactive tools and detailed instructions to guide you through the process of setting up your first account so that you can create your own unique profile.

Google+ is also very active promoting their Google+ Hangouts, along with YouTube, where users are able to have online video chats with up to nine other people!


Social Networks - LinkedIn
LinkedIn can be considered one of the best business social networks, and it has 175 million users.

This is a popular business networking site that many people use. You can post your work experience and skills here to attract potential employers. This site is also a popular tool used by employees to promote the companies that they work for, highlighting their services and products. While their basic profile is free, LinkedIn does charge a small fee for upgraded features.

Explore All of the Social Networking Sites

Enjoy yourself when using social networking sites, but be aware that the content you post online is visible by millions of people, so use common sense and a little humility or what you write may come back to haunt you someday. Some folks have posted derogatory comments about high-ranking political figures or their employers on social networking sites and as a result lost their jobs. So think twice and maybe even three times before you post.

When you create a personal profile on the Internet you are essentially giving everyone permission to view the contents. Social networking sites are fantastic tools that give you a way to connect with others online. You can upload your favorite photos, recipes and videos and share them with your family and friends. If you want to use social networking to promote your business, you have many options available to explore.

If you respect others and follow the rules, your options are limitless. Meet others that share your interests, make new friends and discover new interests. All you need is a good connection to the Internet and you are in business!

The number of users mentioned for each site under their logo is attributed to ExpandedRamblings.com, from Sept., 2012.