4 Great Ways to Stream TV in Your Home


Are you ready to stream more TV but aren’t sure where to start? Streaming TV is an incredibly flexible way to watch on-demand shows, movies, sports and other content, but first you need to make sure your devices are ready. Fortunately, there is a multitude of different ways to stream content with our modern devices.

4 Ways to Stream TV

Here are some of the best and most popular options to stream TV to your home.

1. Streaming Via Boxes

Set-top boxes are a great way to stream TV shows and many other other types of content. Here you have a plethora of options, but it is generally best to get a set-top box that offers plenty of options for your situation. Sling TV by Dish, for example, allows you to stream ESPN without a cable subscription (although it will cost you around $20 per month). The Apple TV plays well with other Apple devices, mobile and otherwise, and is ideal for an Apple family.

If you prefer to stream content to your mobile devices directly from your set-top box, keep an eye out for boxes that can sling content to your tablet computer or phone without any hassle. Often those offered via cable bundles have such features. If you already have a game console like a PS4 or an Xbox One, look into the streaming TV options these devices offer instead of getting a separate device.

Remember also that streaming options are constantly evolving. Always watch for the latest generation and keep track of the features offered.

2. Streaming Via TV

The rise of the “smart TV” means that you may not need a set-top box at all for streaming content. If you have an HDTV, especially one manufactured in recent years, you probably have the option to access web streaming and similar features straight from the TV menu. Everyone from Samsung to Philips is working on creating more usable, friendly smart TV interfaces that make it easy to access all these new features and apps. Before you rush out and buy another device, consider simply replacing your TV with a more advanced version that can connect to your Internet. It could save a lot of time and an extra remote.

3. Stream TV with Sticks

As streaming devices have grown smaller and less expensive, streaming sticks have become one of the most popular streaming devices on the market. The Roku Streaming Stick and Google’s Chromecast are two of the most popular options. These sticks are under $50 and can offer plenty of streaming options, despite the fact you can stick them in a USB or HDMI port behind your TV and happily hide them away from view. Then simply access channels, stream TV, pick out movies from Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, and much more.

4. Streaming TV Apps

Suppose you want to stream TV without the “TV” part of the deal. Maybe you aren’t at home. Maybe the living room is a long way away. Maybe you want to watch something else, or load a show while you work. In this case, turn to your mobile devices and start downloading apps.

First there are the aggregators like Hulu and Netflix, which require service fees but also offer a broad number of shows and movies from many sources. These apps are available on pretty much every tablet computer and smartphone on the market, so compatibility should not be a problem. Next, look into network apps for the TV networks that carry your favorite shows. Some like CBS and HBO, are developing their own independent streaming apps. Others, like Fox and NBC, have their own free apps that update with their latest shows.

Bonus Tip! Top-Notch Streaming Quality

Streaming quality will often depend on the quality of your Internet connection. Too many devices on your network or too little bandwidth, and you can expect problems with streaming quality. On the other hand, if bandwidth isn’t an issue, keep an eye out for the latest in streaming resolution options. Roku, Netflix and others are planning on adding 4K resolution to stream TV shows, giving you the next level of HD viewing.

Photo Credit: SamsungTomorrow