4 Great Spots to Go for Photo Storage Online


Most of us use social media to share our life events and for photo storage online, many of us use Facebook so we can share our photos. The problem is that Facebook isn’t the best place to store your photos, it doesn’t have a lot of options available for you. Sure you can tag friends and family but how hard is it to search for a photo?

You can’t search for one by name, or even by the person you tagged in them, if you know the date you can scroll through them but that can be a time consuming process. Then most importantly, what if you decide to close Facebook? How do you get your photos then? You need to go through the long process of opening each photo separately and downloading them individually. Facebook is a good place to share them, but not the best storage option.

I decided to look at several sites that offer photo storage online and compile a list of what I think are some of the better ones out there.

Photo Storage Online: What to Look For

When choosing which storage service works best for you and your photos you need to look at a few key things you should be looking for;

Space – Does it have enough storage space for all of your photos and will it continue to have enough?

Size Limits – are the upload limits reasonable for your picture quality? If they limit you to something smaller than you are comfortable with then walk away.

Quality – does it compress your photos or store them in their high quality glory?

Ease of Use – Is their interface simple to use? Do they have a mobile app?

Search and Sort – how easy is it to find the photo you want? Can you sort them or categorize the photos?

Share Feature – Does the site allow you to share on social media or via email easily?

Printability – Can you order prints or create a photo book? Not a feature that everyone wants, but a nice one if you do.


This is one of the best known sites for storing and sharing photos. They offer a lot of flexibility to users and are a popular choice for amateur and professional photographers.

FLICKR is a fantastic place to organize all of your pictures. Photos can be organized into individual albums and then those albums can be organized into collections.

Searching through you pictures is easy, not only do you have albums and collections, you can also search by subject such as animals or landscapes. They also have a feature called Camera Roll that will let you view your photos in a chronological order of your uploads. One interesting search feature is the ability to search by color, so if you are looking for that perfect sunset you can click on the orange and it will bring you up every picture with that color, add the search word ‘sunset’ and you’ve got it made.

Flikr offers options such as linking them with other similarly tagged photos so that everyone at events can see what everyone else took (and look for themselves there.) This is also the option to tag photos, geotag photos, socially share them or to even print them. Flikr also has an online editing tool that allows you to perform basic functions such as editing and red-eye removal.

Flikr has a huge storage system offering 1TB for free, if that still isn’t enough for you there is the upgrade option. Flikr holds photos up to a whopping 200 MB and even does some video storage up to 1GB or 3-minutes.


Photobucket is another very popular option. They offer unlimited photo and video storage (with some size restrictions,) album organization and social media posting.

Photobucket gives everyone a great way to share their photos via social media, it also provides you with UTLs for code embedding allowing you to easily integrate a photos into a post or forum.

The online editing tool offers standard features such as crop, red-eye and brightness adjustment, but it also has fun features such as filters, stamps and frames. Photobucket also has an easy-to-use option for printing that lets you order canvas or paper prints, or create photo books.

500 Pixels

The 500 Pixels service is geared more towards the hardcore photographer. It allows you to organize your pictures into theme sets or by Stories (event) and gives you a dramatic way to showcase them. The free version only allows you to upload 20 pictures a week, but the paid service is only $25 a year for unlimited uploads. They also offer a print service that is aimed towards those that are looking for art, not family snapshots.

Google +

When Google started their photo hosting they incorporated a lot of features from the Picasa editing program which gives you some nice online features to tweak your images. You get the standard editing tools, but you also get some interesting filters such as Vintage which makes your photo look like an older picture. Google + also lets you tag images with names and locations and sort them into albums that you can add comments or captions to.