3 Ways To Love Charter Cable

Charter Cable TV Remote Control

Charter cable is the fourth largest cable operator in the United States with a huge subscriber base of more than 5.3 million customers across 25 states. Charter Communications specializes in cable television, telephone service and High Speed Internet.

It has also distinguished itself as one of the best companies offering high quality customer support and after-sales service. It’s a facility that is used by millions of people across the U.S.

Primarily, it was meant to offer television channels, but over time it has expanded into something that included Internet also, at speeds never before imaginable, for both home and office needs. Before long, it had added telephone services also to its menu.

Since this type of service uses cables to transmit their many services, the cost of subscribing to it remains minimal. The advent of fiber optics also helped ease these services to a considerable extent. At this juncture, it would be a good idea to describe the three services in detail.

Charter Cable Television

Charter Cable TV provides a surprisingly large number of channels to choose from. It offers not only local channels, but also a wide array of news, sports movies, and children’s programs as well. Then there is their On Demand TV service, with which anyone can access thousands of movies, that includes new, as well as classic, movies, comedy, concerts, exercise programs, etc., that one can watch around the clock. Then there are subscription premium channels that show movies. By the way, this is termed Video-On-Demand for the simple reason that one can stop and pause a movie just like a video.

Charter Communications is a major player in the United States, providing High Speed internet and home telephone service, as well as Cable TV, to around 6 million subscribers in most American states.

The company has recently introduced 28 high-definition channels, thereby providing a whopping 104 HD channels. This includes on-demand movies, both ordinary and 3D, and online programming.

It also has mobile applications that can supply digital channels to tablets and smartphones, by allowing subscribers to take as many movies as they choose with them, as they move from one place to another. Besides, HD channels means pictures are a lot clearer and sounds a lot cleaner than analog ones. However, to capture HD television, subscribers need to have a HDTV set and a set-top receiver which is HD.

To watch any On Demand Channel, reach out to channel 999. Once there, anyone can preview the movies/shows available for view at any given time. Channel 999 is universal and one can access it from wherever one lives. Most of the items displayed on the menu are free, although some call for a fee. In case they do, it will be known to the subscriber with a confirmation before entering the order.

Charter High Speed Internet

Charter Cable InternetWith Charter Cable Internet, one can surf, game and shop at very high speeds, making the experience extremely exciting and eminently satisfactory. You can send emails to your near and dear ones wherever they happen to be, chat with your pals around the world, and shop at boutiques in the fashion hotspots of the world, with speeds up to around 16 Mbps.

In short, High Speed Internet services bring the world literally to the tips of your fingers, as they fly over your computer keyboard, something that was quite impossible during the days of the now obsolete, dial-up connection.

Some Charter cable services even offer unique email addresses to members along with the necessary security for peace of mind for the entire family. To access the Internet over Charter cable, one needs a cable modem to deal with one’s computer. The modem absorbs the Internet signals transmitted both up and downstream.

Charter Home Phone Services

Charter Cable telephone services lets you use your phone while you are also able to stay connected on the Internet. You’ll get a crisp, digital connection, and you can even keep your old phone number if you want.

The cost is only a fraction of what is charged by conventional phone networks which means real savings for the subscriber, who is able to call his/her family and friends anywhere in U.S, Canada or Puerto Rico at very low monthly rates. Charter cable facilities include land-phone features such as Call Waiting, Call Screening, Caller ID, Call Forwarding etc.

Thus, Charter cable brings the triple-play services of Cable TV, Internet and Telephone under a single umbrella. This is a far cry from those days of analog TV, dial-up Internet and traditional telephony, each one of which was an island in itself. Now things have changed so much that one can get access to these three services from one single, solitary source. See if you can get Charter cable services in your area, by simply entering your address.