3 Ways to Listen to Free Streaming Music


With High Speed Internet bandwidth getting better and better, everyone has been able to listen to free streaming music, as long as they have a good Wi-Fi connection and have signed up for an account.

From records to cassettes, from compact discs to iTunes — we’ve seen the music industry undergo numerous changes in how we choose to listen to our favorite songs.

A Revolutionary Time in Music

It’s amazing to think of how Steve Jobs revolutionized multiple industries. We’re not just talking about desktop computers and laptops, but we mean the music industry, the movie industry and several others.

The iPod, for instance, changed the way we buy and store our music about one decade ago. Now, we’re learning that we don’t even have to store all of our music.

It makes sense, when you think about it — since one song is the same on my computer the same way it’s on a CD or the same way it’s on someone else’s computer. You can play a song off the cloud, or off a free streaming music site or app, and it’s all the same, as long as the song can load faster than it plays on your device.

There are actually several great ways to listen to free streaming music — whether it’s on your computer, smartphones or tablets — or even your gaming system or smart TV!

Different Music Streaming Services, Similar Features

Before we break down each of these apps, let’s first look at what similar features they all have.

1. Each of these companies allow you to listen to free streaming music, you can pay a small monthly fee to remove the ads that they roll in every few songs.

2. You can either listen to free music through their smartphone apps, or by going to their websites. Your account is always synced at each spot.

3. Users can teach the app which music you like and don’t like by using the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons. This helps the app/sites learn what types of music you like, and which songs it should feed you next.

Listen to Free Streaming Music on Pandora

The days of listening to the radio are slowly slipping away, as we can listen to new music on apps and websites like Pandora. This app allows you to “Create a Station,” by entering an artist or song in the search box. Then it will stream related music through your speakers. You can even create multiple channels for whichever type of music you might want to listen to at different times.

You can edit your station by hitting “Add Variety” and adding another artist or song to any station.

Keep in mind that the free Pandora account also allows just six “skips” per hour, per station. In other words, if you don’t like a song, or you don’t feel like listening to it right then, you can click the skip button. But just six times per hour, per station.

It’s good to rate your songs, too, as you listen to it, or else the app will stop and ask you if you’re still listening. Since they pay music companies if you are or aren’t, they like to know that you actually are listening.

Spotify Lets You Listen to What You Want, When You Want

Initially, Spotify was just a pay service, until they recently decided to offer a pared down free version recently. Unlike Pandora, Spotify will immediately play specific songs you choose, rather than just building a playlist around it — which it will also do.

You’ll be able to set up playlists that suit your mood and by going to the “Discover” page, you’ll get constantly updated music that Spotify believes you’ll enjoy based on your preferences. This is a great way to hear new music in your favorite genres.

You can log in with your Facebook account or even download the app for your Google Chrome browser, in order to get access to your songs for free through your computer.

Songza Has Playlists Ready For Every Activity

Don’t have time to curate an awesome playlist for your next party? Looking for a great playlist of music to work out to that’s not the same set of songs from your usual playlist on your iPod?

The Songza app sets up playlists for you based on the time of the day and you’ll be able to filter those playlists by either an activity or your current mood.

Once you open the app up, the Songza concierge goes off the time of day and lists five or six activities you might be doing. You can then filter farther down to a specific playlist. In other words, if it’s Tuesday afternoon and you just got back form a big lunch — you can click “Energy Boost” activity to see playlists that have high energy tracks to keep you awake. Or for a lovely dinner for two one night, you can click on “Romantic Evening.”

All three of these music apps and websites allow you to listen to free streaming music, and they’re not that complicated to work. Imagine what’s in store for us in the next 10 years!