3 Easy Ways to Watch DirecTV Online

Watch DirecTV Online

Wondering how to watch DirecTV online? There are three different ways to watch your DirecTV programming using the Internet and you don’t need a TV for any of them. The first method lets you watch it using your computer. The second method lets you watch on your iPhone or iPad. Finally, the third way lets you watch on your Android enabled portable device.

DirecTV Everywhere

DirecTV Everywhere is the DirecTV web application that allows you to watch DirecTV online over the web. When you log onto the website, you’ll be able to browse by movies and TV shows or browse programming by network. When you use the DirecTV Everywhere, you can also use it from an Internet-connected mobile device and it is platform non-specific, which means it doesn’t matter what type of mobile device you have.

Logging into the website, you’ll have access to almost everything that you subscribe to already with DirecTV. Due to licensing restrictions, there are some networks and programs that you won’t be able to watch, but with the selection of what is available, it doesn’t seem like you’ll really notice what’s missing.

A current list of what’s available for viewing includes shows, like “Boardwalk Empire,” with Steve Buscemi, Michael Shannon, and Kelly MacDonald, and “True Blood,” with Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, and dozens of great movies. You can also stream whatever happens to be on your DVR to your computer, iPhone, or other mobile device while connected to the site.

With DirectTV Everywhere, you can follow their instructions for streaming to your computer, iPad, or cell phone.

Watching DirecTV Using the iPad App

The DirecTV for iPad app becomes the next generation TV in your house. Just about everything that you can watch on your TV with a satellite decoder can be watched on your iPad, as long as you have you a High Speed Internet connection for the iPad.

Watch DirecTV Online - DirecTV iPad App

DirecTV subscribers with the DirecTV for IPad app also have access to DirecTV’s AUDIENCE network. If you subscribe to any of the premium networks like HBO, STARZ, and Showtime, you can watch those on your iPad also. You can even get access to the latest movies from DirecTV Cinema, another DirecTV exclusive channel.

The iPad app gives you access to almost every single network that your DirecTV regular TV subscription gives you access to. You can use your iPad like a handheld TV anywhere that you have an Internet connection that is capable of supporting video streaming.

If you’re not sure about a program on the programs listing, you can get a full description of the program using the app. This helps you decide whether you want to watch that show or look for something else to watch. With the iPad app, you’re not as chained to a schedule as you are while watching your TV, using your DirectTV TV satellite.

The iPad app gives you almost unlimited control over your content. Since the app is tabbed, you can create custom tabs for your favorite shows. These tabs can include a regular playlist, channel guide, sports channels, movie channels, etc., allowing you to choose what you want to watch fast and easy.

There’s also a fully customizable home screen that lets you create a list of your favorite channels/stations to keep right at your fingertips for easy access. You can also move channels up and down on the list to suit your tastes.

Watch TV on the Go with the DirecTV App

Everything you can do with the DirecTV iPad app, you can do with their Android app as well. The only real noticeable difference is the interface. Instead of having an Apple iOS interface, you’ll have the familiar Android interface.

You’ll still be able to program your DVR from your device, as long as it’s got an active Internet connection. You can also download what you’ve got recorded on your DVR to your mobile device so you can watch it.

The DirecTV Android app lets you watch almost every channel you have available in your programming package. Some networks don’t allow this, so there are a few limitations to this, but you will have access to the majority of what’s available in your programming package.

The app also lets you get social with what you watch. You can share your viewing habits with Facebook and Twitter networks at the touch of an icon. You can also use the app to see what others are watching and use their recommendations to set your DVR from the app.

There are some hardware requirements for what you need at home to make all of this work. The app has been tested on Android 2.2 through 4.0, so it should work well with any Android device. Although, a broadband Internet connection through Wi-Fi or a minimum of 3G is recommended for the best streaming video experience to watch DirecTV online.


  1. I want to watch TV on my Ipad. I don’t have a HD TV and don’t want to buy HD service for an old TV because i want to use my HD Ipad. How do I do that?

  2. Hey Cruse8,

    I have a few articles here that deal with that exact topic. I’ll post a couple of links to get you started. The long and the short of it is the easiest way is to go the Apple iTunes App Store and find the main app from your Cable or Satellite provider. The articles all have links to some of the apps that are mentioned.





    Thanks for reading.


    –Mike Aguilar

  3. I have been trying to figure what I need to get my iPad to stream my Directv to it. I have wireless in the house. HD DVR WITH SWM BOX. I have two HD DVR’s, one is a whole house with a genie box. Not sure where to ip addresses and gateway info. There does not seem to be simple answers found at Directv site.

    Any ideas?


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