25 Most Popular Posts on Digital Landing

25 Most Popular Posts on Digital Landing for 2012

The mission of Digital Landing is to help the digital services consumer get answers to their questions about Cable TV, Internet, Phone, Energy and Home Security. We want to have a battle-tested answer ready when you think of your question, so that you associate our site as your digital services assistant.

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So over the past few years, we’ve posted many articles on many different subjects, and we’d like to take this time to point out the articles that have been the most popular on our site this year.  Basically, these articles seem to have answered the most questions for our readers, so maybe you can find them helpful if you haven’t already read them.

25 Most Popular Posts on Digital Landing in 2012

Internet Speed Test1. Internet Speed Test

This is by far the most popular page on our site – and for good reason. People want to check the upload and download speed of their Internet Service Provider, so they can either make sure they get what they are paying for, or so they can talk to another ISP about a better rate for the same service.

2. 4 Free Ways to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Fast Internet is a popular subject on our site, and this article helps those “do-it-yourself” types optimize their Internet upload and download speeds. For most, including myself, even this is a little too technical, but for many, this is right down their alley.

3. What’s the Difference Between a Cable Modem and a Router?

People want answers. And one of the most confusing aspects about computers and the Internet is the difference between these two Internet appliances. One is for receiving and sending information on the Internet, and the other is for receiving and sending information throughout your personal computer network. Most people need both.

4. How Fast is My Internet Service?

You might find out what your Internet speed is by doing the above-mentioned Digital Landing Internet Speed Test, but what do those speeds mean and how does that test work, exactly? Why do the numbers vary and which speeds are more important?

5. Don’t Regret Your High Speed Internet Service!

How do you decide which High Speed Internet service is best for you and your family? This article breaks it all down for you, with four simple factors to consider. It also explains the four different types of High Speed Internet connections you can make, including Satellite Internet, DSL, Fiber Optics (FiOS) and Cable Internet.

Cable vs DSL6. 15 Answers to 15 Questions About DSL vs. Cable Internet Service

One of the biggest decisions people are forced to make when choosing an Internet Service Provider is – do I go with DSL or Cable Internet? This article breaks down 15 of the most commonly asked questions and details the answers so you can understand what you’re dealing with for each service.

7. 5 Best Laptops For Your Money

A couple years ago, one of our columnists reviewed five of the best laptops available on Amazon. Well, this article remains extremely popular, but in reality, this updated article reviewing five newer laptops should be much more valuable for readers in 2013.

8. Which Smartphone is Right For Me: Android, Blackberry, iPhone or Windows Phone?

Again, this article has been popular for years on Digital Landing, but we’ve since updated our opinions and reviewed newer versions of these phones. We’ve actually looked into the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, as well as into the Siri feature specifically.

9. Step-By-Step: Connect a Second Computer to Your Home Network

Rarely does a household just have one computer accessing the Internet and the printer. Most people have a family computer, and then one or two personal laptops for schoolwork or secular activities. This article discusses the five steps you’ll need to take in order to get your own home network set up. There are pictures, too!

10. 5 Must-See Cancelled TV Shows On Netflix

Netflix has so many great TV shows and movies available in their streaming section that sometimes some really good shows get passed over. Well, these five shows were passed over even when they were on their initial networks, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome. From sci-fi to cop dramas — to sci-fi cop dramas! These five shows give you a great look into some interesting stories that got cut off too short. Most of the actors/actresses in these shows are prospering now on others shows that have made them more famous. And if you’d rather watch a current drama on Netflix, here are six great dramas on Netflix to catch up on!

Must-See Cancelled TV Shows on Netflix

11. How to Connect a DVR to Your Home Network

Many people want to know how to get recorded programs set up to their computers and laptops, and this one explains it all. Usually, this helps a lot of people that own a TiVo DVR system and aren’t paying for a service to keep their listings up to date.

12. Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Another great piece that enables users to optimize their Internet connections – but this time, it comes with two videos that walk you through everything.

Program Comcast Remote Codes13. Program Comcast Remote Codes in 8 Simple Steps

Comcast customers know that getting their complicated remotes set up to control all of their devices is integral in enjoying their Cable TV, sound system and television sets to their fullest. This story walks you through the steps.

14. What is Digital Landing?

In the Fall of 2012, we relaunched Digital Landing with a whole new look and feel. When we did that, I wrote an article detailing what our site is all about and how it can help everyone stay connected to their digital lifestyle.

15. 20 Questions and 20 Answers: Cable TV vs. Satellite TV

When someone moves into a new home, one of the first questions they have to ask themselves – after “Hey, did you call the electric company!?!” – is “Do we get Cable TV or Satellite TV service?” These questions and answers will help you decide.

16. Take the Internet with You Using Mobile Broadband

The world of mobile broadband Internet is a vast one, and this helps you understand all about the carriers and the hardware options you’ll need to consider.

17. 5 Easy Steps to Choosing the Best Spot For Your Wireless Gateway

Finding the perfect spot to place your router in your house is very important. If you don’t find the best spot, you’ll end up with some rooms getting great Internet connections, and some rooms dealing with spotty connections.

18. Step-By-Step: How to Hang a Flat-Panel HDTV: Video

Another great video, detailing how you can install your flat-screen TV like a professional at home, without paying upwards of $300 to get technicians to do it.

19. Showdown: AT&T U-verse vs. Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable is one of the biggest Cable TV service providers in the country, and many people that get their service, also have the opportunity to get AT&T U-verse. This article matches them up to see which one’s the better fit for your family.

VOIP 911 Calls20. Dirty Little Secret About VOIP 911 Calls

Dialing 9-1-1 from your home phone sets into action several different things in order to get the proper authorities to the proper place in as little time as possible. But dialing 9-1-1 over Internet phone or a cell phone has a different outcome.

21. Understanding DirecTV On Demand

The DirecTV On Demand service has a ton of features, but most people aren’t familiar with most of them. Our staff digs in to discuss some of the more interesting aspects of this service.

22. DSL Internet Without a Home Phone is Still an Option

There are many instances where people would prefer to have DSL High Speed Internet, but not be connected to a landline phone service. This explains the best way to go about it.

23. Tips for Installing a Cable Modem

Installing a cable modem is a relatively easy task. You’ll think so too after you read this, install your cable modem and then sit back and enjoy the Internet!

Money Saving Tips and Apps24. 10 Easy Money Saving Tips and Apps

The Internet makes it sooooo easy to spend our money, doesn’t it? Well, this article actually does a great job of showing you some sites and mobile apps that will SAVE you money, instead!

25. 5 Reasons to Review Your Cable TV Service

Your Cable TV bill is likely one of your highest monthly expenses these days, especially if you have televisions in multiple rooms, and you decided to get a sports package or a premium movie channel or two. This article explains why you should review your service – so you can easily save some money you shouldn’t be spending!

Hopefully, a few of these 25 articles helped you as much as they helped the thousands of people that read them over the course of 2012! Even better, we’re looking forward to providing more answers to important questions about digital services in 2013! Stick around!