20 Best Movies for Dads to Watch on Father’s Day


In honor of the upcoming Father’s Day holiday, we bring you our list of best movies for dads. All of our choices feature a father as the lead character. While all of them are available on Netflix, only some of them are available via streaming, others are only available on DVD or Blu-ray. We included choices from both formats to give viewers the widest variety of movies possible.

The first 11 movies are available via streaming and are listed in one of three categories. The nine movies that are not currently streaming on Netflix are listed at the end of the article, in their own category.

Movies for Dads that Love Drama

Sit back, relax, and show dear ol’ dad some love this Father’s Day by watching one of these great movies with him!

Best Movies for Dads - Everybody's FineEverybody’s Fine

This 2009 movie stars Robert De Niro as a father that reconnects with his grown children by going on a road trip with them. This movie will make you laugh and cry, which is okay, because most good dads have already taught us that it’s okay to cry.

The Shipping News

Released in 2001 and starring Kevin Spacey, the plot of the film is centered around the relationship of a father and daughter who must cope with the disappearance of the girl’s mother. Eventually, they move in with an aunt in far away Newfoundland, and Spacey’s character discovers some dark secrets in his family’s closet.

Stuck in Love

The film stars Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly and Lily Collins. If your dad is a bit obsessive, with a taste for complicated relationships, this quirky romantic drama from 2013 is for both of you! To say anything else about the plot will ruin it for you — just watch it and enjoy!

The Road

Starring Viggo Mortensen and Robert Duvall, this 2009 film tells the story of a father and son who must survive a harsh world where civilization has fallen.

Movies for Dads that Like to Laugh

Sometimes, we just need some movies that make us laugh and feel good, so here are a handful of those types.

Daddy Day Care

This 2003 film stars Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin and Steve Zahn. It follows the exploits of three dads that team up to open a day care after they lose their prestigious, high paying jobs.

Best Movies for Dads - The Great OutdoorsHook

Plenty of laughs and drama ensure in this 1991 movie that stars Robin Williams. In the film, a grown up Peter Pan must face his old arch nemesis, Captain Hook, in order to save his own children.

The Great Outdoors

Laughter is guaranteed when you watch this timeless 1988 comedy classic. It stars Dan Aykroyd and John Candy as two brother-in-laws that have a series of misadventures and awkward moments when they take their families on vacation to a lakeside resort.

The Family

Starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer, the plot of this 2013 film features the escapades of a former mafia couple with children. The family must deal with various difficulties when they relocate to France under the witness protection program.

Action Movies for Dads

Some fathers might already be considered action heroes by their kids, so these movies for dads are easy selections.


Russell Crowe stars in this 2000 action film as a Roman General that simply wants to return to his wife and son and live out his life on their estate after the war. Instead, he winds up the enemy of an emperor with obvious “daddy issues,” and condemned to the arena as a gladiator who must fight for his survival.

Olympus Has Fallen

This 2013 movie stars Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart. In the film, Dad has to save his daughter, and the President, when terrorists take over the White House.

The Missing

This gritty 2003 western stars Tommy Lee Jones as a father that must reconcile with his estranged daughter. Together they work to locate and rescue his granddaughter who has been kidnapped.

9 Great Movies for Dads Available Only on DVD and Blu-ray

Some of our favorite movies that feature great dads aren’t currently streaming on Netflix. If you have a DVD or Blu-ray Plan with Netflix, consider dropping one of the following into your rental queue.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Do you have a dad that would do anything for his wife and children? Would he, perhaps, dress up as a British nanny to save his family? If so, this 1993 film starring Robin Williams is for the two of you to enjoy!

John Q

This tense 2002 thriller/tearjerker features Denzel Washington as a father that literally gives his heart and soul to save his son’s life.

Best Movies for Dads - Field of DreamsTo Kill a Mockingbird

This 1962 film adaptation of Harper Lee’s famous novel stars Gregory Peck. Both the novel and film examine several themes, including the strong bond between a father and his daughter.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Starring Will Smith, this 2006 film is about a father who struggles to provide for his son after he loses his job and home.

The National Lampoon Vacation Movies

Vacation, European Vacation and Christmas Vacation are three National Lampoon movies that feature Chevy Chase as patriarch Clark Griswold. The Griswold clan navigates various misadventures when they go on vacation in these hilarious films from the 80s.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

This 1989 movie in the third in the popular Indiana Jones series. It features Sean Connery and Harrison Ford as father and son archaeologists. The two must overcome a strained relationship and team up to save the world from Nazis by finding the Holy Grail.

Field of Dreams

If your father is a fan of baseball and believes in the power of dreams and second chances, you have to watch this 1989 film! It stars Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones and Burt Lancaster.

What do you think of our list? We want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below if we missed any of your favorite movies with a strong father figure as a central character.