19 Foreign TV Shows on Netflix You Should Try Out

Best Foreign TV Shows on Netflix

If you are a dedicated binge streamer, you’ve probably already blown through all the episodes of Daredevil, Bloodline, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. This has probably left you longing for something different to watch while you wait on the new seasons of your favorite shows. Instead of watching a rerun of an older show from your younger days, why not consider streaming something a bit different? Are you slightly curious about what others are streaming in other parts of the world?

19 Foreign TV Shows on Netflix You Should Try Out

The following are the top 19 foreign TV Shows on Netflix, why not stream one or more episodes tonight?



Ricky Gervais stars in this heartwarming, lighthearted British comedy about a worker in a retirement home that can see only the good sides of his offbeat coworkers and quirky residents of the home. All three seasons of the show are available.

“You Are Beautiful”

A young girl adopts her twin brother’s identity while he recovers from surgery, and takes his place in a Korean boy band. Subtitles in English are available, but really aren’t necessary to get the laughs in this fast paced, romantic musical comedy.

“Scrotal Recall”

In this irreverent British comedy, Dylan discovers that while he was looking for the love of his life, he caught a curable STD. Joined by two of his friends, he begins the search to find and contact in person his rather long list of former loves, reliving his past as he goes on his quest.

“The Vicar of Dilbey”

The eccentric residents of a conservative English village become upset when a large and rather outspoken woman becomes their new vicar. All three seasons are available. Will she win them over before they run her off?


This silent British farce takes a few cues from earlier comedy shows such as Mr. Bean in that there is no spoken dialogue. The plot follows the hilarious antics of an aristocrat who has lost his entire fortune and must now live in a small travel trailer with his Afghan show dog and his butler.


Peaky Blinders: Best Foreign TV Shows on Netflix“Peaky Blinders”

Have you ever wondered what the roaring twenties looked like across the pond? Two seasons are available of this British period drama is set in 1919 and follows the exploits of a group of British gangsters as they vie for domination of the underworld.

“Doc Martin”

Six seasons of this popular British medical drama are available. The show stars Martin Clunes as Doctor Martin Ellingham, a surgeon who leaves his practice because he develops a sudden phobia concerning blood. Later he sets up shop as a country doctor in a small, remote village on the coast, where he must treat a full cast of unique and outrageous characters.

“Call the Midwife”

Four seasons are available for this British period drama set in the 1950s. The show follows the trials and travails of a group of nurses and nuns working in London’s East End section.


While you may be familiar with the American comedy of the same name, don’t miss the original from ABC Australia. Two seasons of this witty and offbeat drama are available. The show follows the exploits of Cleaver Greene, brilliant attorney at law, recovering drug addict and gambler who juggles complicated, criminal clients, court appearances and his addictions.

“Land Girls”

Three seasons of this WWII period British drama are available. It follows the hopes, dreams, loves and losses of four women in Britan’s Land Army.

“The Moon Embracing the Sun”

Subtitles are available for this romantic Korean drama that follows the trials and triumphs of a young princess that returns to court disguised as a shaman after being attacked and left for dead. Will she be able to reclaim her throne before the nobles realize who she really is and make another assassination attempt?


“The Almighty Johnsons”

In this sci-fi hit from New Zealand, the modern day lives of four brothers are interrupted when they discover that they are actually reincarnated Norse Gods. To gain their full powers, they must help one another complete a series of quests, the first being to help their brother Axl, who is actually the god Odin, to find and reconnect with his wife Frigg.

“Black Mirror”

This series of sci-fi shorts reveals a future where the darker side of human nature and technology combine.

“Dr. Who”

Would any list of foreign tv shows on Netflix be complete without the adventures of a certain time-traveling doctor? Nine seasons are available for streaming, and more are available on disc as well.

Crime Shows

There are literally dozens of foreign detective series on Netflix, and we don’t have space to list them all in this one article, but here are a few of the best.

“Midsomer Murders”

Fifteen of the last 18 seasons of one of Britains’s longest running detective series are currently available for streaming, with new seasons expected to be added soon as the show is still in production after all these years. In the series, Inspector Barnaby must follow the clues to discover the identity of the murderer in this standard mystery series. Over the years, Barnaby has been assisted by a series of different sergeants before being replaced by his cousin in season 13, who is also named Inspector Barnaby.

“Inspector Morse”

Eight seasons of Britan’s favorite cynical, intellectual, opera loving Chief Inspector Morse are available for streaming.

“Murdoch Mysteries”

Three seasons of this Canadian detective series are available. Set in Toronto during the Victorian Era, the bicycle riding Detective Murdoch uses newly made scientific discoveries to solve the mysteries.

“Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”

Set in the roaring ’20s, Australia’s leading, and only, private female detective is on the case!


Netflix has three seasons available for both the original Swedish version, and the British version, as viewers follow the trail along with the show’s moody and disillusioned detective.

What do you think of our list? Did we leave off any of your favorite foreign TV Shows on Netflix? Let us know in the comments section below!